6 Things We Learned From The ‘Divergent’ DVD + A Helpful Buying Guide


Initiates, it’s #DivergentDay cause the ‘Divergent’ DVD is now on sale!

Get your hands on a Divergent DVD today initiates!  We now have something to watch over and over while we wait for Insurgent Movie to hit the big screens in March 2015.





oprah gif We got our hands on an advanced copy (thank you Lionsgate) and got excited by some of the details we learned while watching director Neil Burger’s commentary.

1. Divergent filming was a family affair

Not only did Veronica Roth make a cameo in the movie during the zip-line scene, but her husband Nelson did too!  That wasn’t the only family member in the movie.  Veronica’s mother, Barbara Ross donned an Erudite outfit and walked around downtown Chicago as a movie extra.  You can see her for a split second walking behind Tris after Tris’s aptitude test.

Veronica Roth and her husband Nelson Fitch are in the bottom left corner.

Veronica Roth and her husband Nelson Fitch are in the bottom left corner.

2. The Choosing Ceremony got toned down

The Abnegation bowl had more blood all over the rocks than what fans got to see, but it was too gross according to Neil Burger.  This wasn’t the only scene that was toned down or even cut from the film.  The butter knife scene was cut and a Divergent being shot in the head was not shown in order to keep the PG-13 rating. DIVERGENT

3. Mirrors are symbolic and a constant theme

Starting with the opening scene where we see Tris for the first time in a mirror, in the aptitude test room with multiple reflections, and reflections in skyscrapers as Tris flies by.  This was a choice of director Neil Burger.  Tris is looking for her true self and trying to find her identity. Tris_reflections_divergentdvd.jpg

 4. Theo James turns into Four when they call action

Theo James didn’t have to pretend that fear of heights was only in Four’s fear landscape.  In real life, Theo is afraid of high places which made filming the Ferris wheel scene a scary situation for Theo.  Shailene Woodley and Theo James really climbed the Navy Pier Ferris wheel. DIVERGENT Director Neil Burger said that Theo James was so much into character when he has in the Abnegation village scene with Kate Winslet, that he almost knocked pregnant Kate Winslet off her 4 inch heels by grabbing her too hard. Divergent-kate winslet and theo james

5.  Shailene Woodley did some real zip-lining

The zip-line for the movie filming was two blocks long and Shailene Woodley’s stunt double zip-lined the whole way.  Shailene only zip-lined for 20 feet, but that footage of her stopping is real. Divergent - Tris zip-lining

6.  Jai Courtney doesn’t look intimidating with long hair

Jai Courntey didn’t look like the book description of Eric, but he was crazy scary anyways!  Neil Burger revealed that he had tried long hair and tons of piercings on Jai, but he didn’t look fierce with long locks.  His look was finalized just days before shooting. Divergent DVD - Eric

Confused on which Divergent DVD edition to buy?  Use our guide!

There are multiple Divergent DVD editions available.  This makes picking the right DVD very stressful.  Well, ProfessionalFangirls.com is your Xanax. The most common and found everywhere (even the grocery store) are the regular DVD and Blu-Ray which is one and two on the chart. The Target Exclusive Edition is the Cadillac of DVDs. It has all the bells and whistles. If you have the $$$ to shell out $29.99, then run to your closest Target.



 Links to buy:

Divergent DVD |  Divergent Blu-Ray |  Best Buy Exclusive | Walmart Exclusive | Target Exclusive

Jump first into Insurgent news!

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  • sarah cullen

    coool 😀

  • https://twitter.com/FanGirl_Delight Heather

    I love the chart! That is so helpful in deciding which one to buy. So now I need to decide if I am going to Walmart or Target to get my copy. YAY!

    • http://www.twitter.com/alisongenet AlisonFangirls

      Target for 45 minutes of footage!!

  • Elizabeth

    I pre-ordered the special edition exclusive to Target and I’m getting a Four plush blanket with it.

    • http://www.twitter.com/alisongenet AlisonFangirls

      That was only for pre-order right Elizabeth? If not, I need to fix my chart.

      • Elizabeth

        I’m 90% sure it’s just the pre-order

    • https://twitter.com/FanGirl_Delight Heather

      A blanket?! I need one of those although my hubby probably wouldn’t appreciate it much

  • melissa

    what is a featurette?

    • http://www.twitter.com/alisongenet AlisonFangirls

      It’s a small video about the movie. Like behind the scenes, the making of, and cast interviews.

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  • http://professionalfangirls.com/ Kim

    The chart is awesome!! And, so is the Oprah gif! Great post!