Pick Your Favorite! SDCC Warner Bros. Bags Are Here


I’m all set to call dibs! The SDCC 2014 WB Bags are amazing and I have my eye on a couple that I wouldn’t mind calling my own.

For those who have been to comic-con before, you know that you generally don’t get to pick your SDCC bag initially, but from my experience, there are always fangirls and fanboys willing to make a fair trade. So check them out here, pick your favorites and let’s find a way to make everyone happy when it comes down to getting the bag you want on day 1 and avoid having a girl fight…

girl fightBut… If I don’t get The Originals bag, be warned that I do know karate and I’m not afraid to use it.

Fangirl With Us Over Everything Comic-con

Which SDCC bag caught your eye?

And if you are like us and you want to have your SDCC bag be something related to Outlander or another of your fangirl favorites, just make your own!

SDCC Outlander

Unofficial photo-shopped bag:  Not available at SDCC (sad face)


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  • Seattle Outlander

    Have never been so disappointed in not getting to _FINALLY_attend SDCC in my life! Can’t wait to hear the whole report from those who are attending the premiere. :) Squeeeeeee!!

  • Jordan

    I would love the have The Following bag!