A girl in nostalgia, men in a blues, and a lady on a drive: What to watch online right now

    A girl in nostalgia, men in a blues, and a lady on a drive
    A girl in nostalgia, men in a blues, and a lady on a drive

    Petersburg, the early 90s. Kira, a final year student of theater studies (Anya Chipovskaya), falls in love with a handsome young guy who lectures about cinema. The guy’s name is Seryozha (Alexander Gorchilin). Many years will pass – and everyone will remember him as the best Russian film critic, and Kira (Pink sparkles) living in Paris – as her only true love.

    Filmed on the basis of the memoirs of Karina Dobrotvorsky, the nostalgic melodrama of Angelina Nikonova was not very popular with film critics, but she has every chance to fall in love with the ordinary viewer. Atmospheric life of the era of changes, recognizable types and gatherings in kitchens with talk about cinema. As a nice bonus – the most charming YuraBorisov. Actually, what else is needed?


    Vitalik (DanilaYakushev), Denya (Mikhail Troinik), and Lesha (Kirill Kovbas) rent an apartment in the center of Moscow. Today is the day of rent, but out of nowhere, Vitalik’s friend Lenka (KseniaZueva) suddenly appears on the doorstep. The next minute she throws the bag of money straight into the Moscow River. Further, the degree of madness only grows. Three friends have only 24 hours to solve problems that never seem to end.

    Director Alexei Kamynin, cameraman Nikita Korneev and screenwriters VitalyAnokhin and Denis Lipatov once really rented an apartment together. Therefore, the experience of living together, when everything goes topsy-turvy, is familiar to them firsthand. 

    Add here a parody of Tarkovsky, meta-irony, Kyrgyz with riot police, and a bunch of stellar cameos, and it becomes immediately clear why at last year’s Kinotavr the director of an eccentric comedy was called the new hope of Russian cinema. If you’re moping, that’s the only way.

    “Made in Italy”

    Once upon a time, Robert (Liam Neeson) was a famous painter. Twenty years ago, his wife died tragically, and since then he has never picked up a brush. His son Jack (Michael Richardson) has just divorced his wife and is now looking for money to buy an art gallery from her. They come to Tuscany to renovate and sell an old house and instead find each other again.

    Log Horizon season 3” is the directorial debut of James D’Arcy. Against the backdrop of beautiful Italian landscapes, the heroes forge relationships, have touching conversations, and remember the past in order to let it go forever. Of particular value to the film is the participation of Liam Neeson, who has recently been rarely seen outside the role of an action hero.

    “Lady on the Drive”

    Auto racing is not a women’s sport. However, Ellie Lansing’s dad (Grace Van Ding) was a racer and mechanic, so off-road driving is in her blood. Ellie really wants to prove to everyone that she is worth something. Just what will mom say about it?

    Sean Paul Pichinino’s teenage racing dramedy has nothing to do with Baby Drive-by Edgar Wright. Nevertheless, there is plenty of drive here. And the dad of a young lover of high speeds in flashbacks is played by Starship Troopers star Paul Verhoeven and the real father of the leading actress Casper Van Dien.

    “Wild couple”

    Rosemary (Emily Blunt) and Anthony (Jamie Dornan) love each other since childhood. How could it be otherwise if they were tending cows together, surrounded by Irish fields, rivers, and mountains? There is only one “but”: for many years Anthony has not dared to confess his feelings. Rosemary got tired of waiting, and then the charming Adam (John Hamm) arrives in the outback and invites her to New York with him.

    Renowned director and playwright John Patrick Shanley adapted his own play for the screen. Previously, she was a success on Broadway. Watching “Wild Couple” is worth at least for the sake of the comedy-romantic duet Dornan and Blunt. And then there’s Christopher Walken as the grumpy father.

    “Gloomy River”

    In 1896, a family of merchants Gromov’s lived in the Siberian village of Medvedev. Nothing foreshadows trouble until the head of the family, Peter Gromov (Alexander Valuev), and his son Prokhor (Alexander Gorbatov) fall in love with the same woman – the fatal beauty AnfisaKozyreva (YuliaPeresild). Jealous of Anfisa to his son, Peter sends Prokhor in search of the mysterious Gloomy River …

    For the first time, the large-scale family saga of VyacheslavShishkov was filmed back in 1968. However, then not all storylines were included in the film adaptation. The new series from Yuri Moroz and Channel One aims to correct this misunderstanding. More than a hundred costumes were made for filming, and a whole village was built in the Urals. In the frame of “Black Bullet Season 2 ” there are all the stars of Russian cinema – there are so many of them that you cannot even name them all.


    Is it easy to live in a world where everyone is enslaved by modern technology? Not at all, because you never know who you will face. Some have a real addiction to social networks, while others, on the contrary, have technophobia. In the family and at work, at school and at home – you simply cannot hide from social networks.

    Still, Selfie is a comedy anthology, so everything will end well here. Although the heroes of the film, Tristan Orueta, Thomas Bidegena, and Mark Fitoussi, will be on the verge of a nervous breakdown most of the time.

    “Gnomes in action!”

    Elfie, a little gnome, lives with her kin in the underground kingdom. But there is a problem: it does not work. Everything she does goes awry, so everyone around her tells her that she will never become a smart gnome. 

    And then Elfie goes to the human world to learn some useful occupation. The unlucky Theo’s confectionery is about to be closed because his rival Bruno has built a factory nearby. This means that Elfie and her friends now have something to do.

    The playful and mischievous German cartoon(Why was Cat Crazy in Victorious) is based on the ballads of the poet and artist August Kopisch and is also seasoned with great songs, funny jokes, and funny incidents. People, step aside because the gnomes have a lot to learn!


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