A Guide to Alternative Health Treatments for Beginners


    Caring for yourself should always be your first priority, however, it can be a difficult thing to do. If you have health problems like arthritis, anxiety, or depression you may be spending thousands on medical bills with little to no improvement in your condition. Alternative health treatments refer to anything that is not Western medicine. These alternative treatments are a way to attack your health problem from a different angle. Many times alternative health treatments alone can help alleviate or even resolve long term health issues.


    Using CBD as a treatment is an option that is increasingly popular. CBD is known to help people with chronic and acute pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. CBD is made from cannabis but does not contain THC. THC is what gives cannabis its hallucinogenic and psychogenic properties. Since CBD has no THC there is no risk of becoming high or impaired while using CBD. CBD can also be used in many different ways. It can be orally ingested, absorbed through the skin, or vaped. This allows for different types of products that can treat different ailments. For example, if you have acute or chronic pain in one specific area of your body, you should try CBD lotion or oil.

    You can take the concentrated CBD product and apply it directly to the area that is in pain. The CBD will absorb through the skin and will decrease the pain in that area. If your problem is arthritis, full body pains, or even sleep problems you should opt for an oral CBD product. CBD oil can be swallowed or CBD gummies can be chewed and ingested. Oral options can also be modified to help with specific ailments. CBD gummies help with sleep deprivation or sleep apnea because the gummy can be combined with other natural sleep aids like melatonin.


    A traditional Chinese form of treatment is acupuncture. Acupuncture is when a trained professional uses sharp needles to poke the skin in specific places to stimulate the body. Acupuncture is best for people who have chronic headaches, chronic pain, or insomnia. While many people are scared away by needles, in reality, you do not feel them during the treatment. The needles are very thin and are inserted just under the first layer of skin.

    There are no strong nerves ending there and, if you feel anything, it will just be pressure. Where and what your health problems are determines where the needles are placed. A 2016 study showed that over 2000 people with tension or chronic headaches thought acupuncture was an effective treatment method.


    Another popular alternative health treatment is aromatherapy. Typically people think of aromatherapy as a way to use essential oils to make a room smell nice. However, aromatherapy can help anxiety, depression, pain relief, nausea, and insomnia. Aromatherapy dates back at least 5,000 years and it is the use of highly concentrated plant extracts. The extracts can come from any part of the plant including the roots, leaves, seeds, or flowers.

    The concentrated oil, much like CBD, can be used in several different ways. Aromatherapy oils are traditionally inhaled by using a diffuser, but they can also be diluted and put into a lotion or put directly on the skin. Certain oil scents can promote different healing techniques. For example, in 2013 a study with pregnant women showed that when they smelled certain scents found in mint and lavender, the women felt calmer. In addition, it only took 5 minutes for the effects to occur. This makes aromatherapy a good option if you need a fast treatment method. However, aromatherapy can be dangerous for certain people and pets. Lavender, for example, is deadly to cats when inhaled. For that reason, if you have any pets be sure to check with your vet prior to using any aromatherapy oils.

    There are hundreds of alternative health treatments in the world. Whatever treatment you choose, be sure to follow the directions and use it in addition to any treatments your doctor prescribes. These alternative treatments are not a replacement for traditional medicine.


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