Do you obsess over fictional characters? Devour books like a rabid dog? Binge-watch your favorite TV shows like they are Halloween candy you can’t stop consuming? Camp out for your favorite movies like its summer camp? Hand over an occasional paycheck to Hot Topic? Plan your Comic-Con agenda based on speculation before programming is announced? If you answered yes to any of these and ever wondered if there are others like you, then you have come to the right place.

It is time to let your inner fangirl loose. We are here to help you take it to the next level with other like-minded fangirls for all your latest obsessions. We have come out of the closet with our passions and want to share them with you. Join us as we gossip away about our favorite things. Be apart of our Fangirl Nation. was founded by Alison Genet and Kim Clarkson. Two passionate fangirls who met over their shared love of a certain sparkly vampire.  Alison and Kim have created unforgettable memories and a bond that will last forever. They have each been blogging their fangirl obsessions and entertainment news since 2008 and are very excited to be bringing their favorites together on