Before WhatsApp, We used to call

Before WhatsApp, We used to call

The class summary : 

In a class, a teacher asked her students about the basic features of a phone and the students replied, “the basic features of a phone are  WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, 32MP camera, etc.” The teacher was shocked to hear such unexpected replies from her children. 

Social Media time impact :

Life has become a difficult joke to crack! Social Media Platforms are snatching 70% of the times of a day in our life.  Do you remember, when you had a phone call with your best friend last time? Do you remember, earlier you used to call your parents daily, but now you WhatsApp!

Earlier, before WhatsApp, we used to call.  We used to get emotional after hearing the voice from the other end. We used to wait for those heartily connected calls and now we get calls from our service providers, to press the key for that particular hello tune, or fraud calls from hackers to provide bank details!

This is how we are killing our time in social media..!

  • After getting up early in the morning, the first thing we open WhatsApp just to check the good morning messages of our favorite person. After that, we go through other messages as well and reply to most of them. 

Suppose, you get up by 6 O’clock in the morning. After that, when you start scrolling WhatsApp, you check all the statuses, reply to all the pending notified messages and start reacting on them in your mind. And later you realize, Oh my God! It’s almost 7 o’clock in the morning.

Before WhatsApp, We used to call
Before WhatsApp, We used to call
  • After WhatsApp, you switch to Facebook. Hmm, now you are entering the fantasy world, you start scrolling news feed, and getting new pictures, new views on recent topics, your favorite advertisement, and you get your favorite ideas and quotes from the pages you follow. 

The clock, this time hits 7:45am in the morning, and you have missed the morning workout.

  • At around, 8:15 am, you get ready for office without any morning motivation and reach the office by 9 O’clock, and starts complaining, office sucks, it is killing all my time from morning to night. 

And, you are going to mug up by all the hectic schedules, deadlines and pressures of office.

So, till now from the above-mentioned points, you have got an idea, how social media platforms are grabbing our valuable times! Especially WhatsApp!

Here are some useful hacks, you may follow to procrastinate your habits of using social media platforms :

1. Use Alarm clocks instead of mobile phones: Using alarm clocks will help you to check your phone in the morning and of course, the time killer WhatsApp. See, we are not saying that WhatsApp is bad, but if you cross certain limits it will make you an unfitted nerd!

So, try to kill your habits of using WhatsApp, before it kills you. 

2. Group notifications on and off:  See, every living, non – living, virtual things serve a purpose in our life. It helps us to grow in our day to day life. But consuming too much of everything leads us to distraction.

Like, in WhatsApp if you have groups, keep yourself active to know whatever is happening around you, but don’t get deep inside the groups which are not helping you anyway. To ignore the continuous beeping of your phone from WhatsApp notifications, keep the mute notification button on! This will help you to save your time. 

Instead of spending 1 hour by reading those 2355 messages in your group, call one of your friends and ask about how his or her life is going on. 

Before WhatsApp, We used to call

3. Status Checking: WhatsApp has updated its features from time to time. So checking the regular status of the people we know is another habit we have carried through! It is okay, in WhatsApp, we have the contact numbers of the people, who are known to us, but it does not indicate to check their status every time they put on WhatsApp.

Because what is happening in other life is definitely is not your cup of tea! Yes, you can check the random updates of those people, who sometimes put any status but you can definitely avoid those who put WhatsApp statuses daily! Like seriously, starting from their morning Hip hop dance of TikTok video! 

If you really miss them in your real life, then call them!

4. Online when you chat, Offline when you video call: Realize, how life has introduced us like a virtual assistant in front of each other.  It seems we are relying on a chatbot! Because, people reply so fast without completely even reading what you send, but when you try to make a WhatsApp call or WhatsApp video call, they go offline.

5. Video sharing coincidence: We all love to watch videos and share videos on WhatsApp. Imagine, what would have happened if your shared videos are getting ignored like the sticker zero trans fat in Chips packets!

 Now, I hope you have realized how they are taking you for granted. Okay! There are people in WhatsApp, they reply like a speed of BUGATTI VEYRON, on a video of 5 minutes  length. 

For instance, if you have shared a video on 9:59 pm, they will reply with, Wow, So interesting, I like the video very much, Its awesome within a fraction of seconds! And, imagine getting a reply to 10:00 pm

Before WhatsApp, We used to call
Before WhatsApp, We used to call

Seriously, don’t know how people can watch a 5 minutes video in just one minute! Now you imagine your importance in their life regarding what you share!

By the way, jokes apart a gentle reminder, 

Dear guys! Please save your time by not sending videos to the people who do not even watch , what you have shared with them!

Rather make a call to your sarcastic cousin, it will help you both to go the mental asylum soon! 

6. Forward Messages: From WhatsApp, we have enrolled ourselves into a bad habit of forwarding messages without even reading it to last.  This is one of the bad ways of miscommunication and misinterpretation.

If you don’t have any concern about the message , please don’t share it with anyone. Who knows, there may be written something not shareable ! 

In Fact, I heard one of my friends got a reply from his girlfriend as ‘I love you too’, that too in a forward manner. So, to avoid those heart-wrenching moments, you should call your girlfriend at late nights to check her with boyfriend number 2. 

Okay, putting all the jokes aside, she might have replied to her parents also like that, the message she forwarded to my friend. She might be doing that for the sake of saving time in WhatsApp

So, before having girlfriends and boyfriends with forward messages, think twice !

7.  Recording Audio, Recording Audio : Ooops! When I see that , recording audio pop up in the screen, I go offline just to get a phone call, from that person.

Before WhatsApp, We used to call
Before WhatsApp, We used to call

But, that person literally, busy with the recording of 3 minutes! Now, you tell me, will you listen to that audio without any headphones or earphones? Tell me, you have guts? No! Because, you already know the level naughtiness in your friends !

Also, you get angry, they could have called you instead of that fussy audio recording, that too on WhatsApp! Those recordings are complete mood spoilers! 

A normal phone call is 1000 times better than that unwanted audio recording. Please, try to mark yourself save from those audio recording waves!!

Life between phone calls and WhatsApp messages :

I guess, you have learned that, life was better with the old regular phone calls. WhatsApp has entered in our life, and somehow forced us not to be much excited with those separate ringtones for your favourite people .

What we do now : 

  • Now we, WhatsApp our parents after reaching home or room from the office.
  • We don’t pick calls, if somebody calls us rather we reply to them on WhatsApp, hey do you want to say something? You can share it here. 
  • To pretend and ignore the people we do not like, we keep scrolling WhatsApp.
  • We already forgot the beautiful Hello Tunes!
  • No more special ringtones for the people we love! 
  • We stop waiting for our favorite phone calls in a day.
  • Parents call their children 10 times, but no response due to the silent mode of the phone

Call people and make your life simple : 

Have you ever realized, how much our life has been changed! Once, we used to make calls from our parent’s phone to our own phone just to listen to the Ring Tones and the Hello Tunes. Now, the surprises are nothing but a WhatsApp video call, that too no much clarity in the voice. 

Before WhatsApp, We used to call

Now, we are like the default store of our life’s drama or play, and we are social media users only. It is okay if you are serving a positive purpose, suppose you are becoming a social media influencer on Facebook and Instagram, then you can use the WhatsApp for sharing and forwarding options.

Life is nothing but, a joy bundle, so call the people whom you love, otherwise, they will get married to others! Anyway, call your parents every day, Because they wait for your call

If you are so much into WhatsApp, help your parents to learn all features of WhatsApp to communicate with you! You will be happy and your parents will remain happy too. 

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