Best Adsense Placement to Maximize Revenue

give highly lucrative reasons to make quick buck provided that you give the site requisite exposure in order to generate real money. Hence, it is a child’s play if you do it systematically as every body is registering increasing smiles.

Following are the tips which will give you endless reasons to maximize Adsense so that you feel proud of making the right decision at the right time.

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You need to make changes to your Adsense blogs such as:-

The most ideal size stands out to be of 300×250, 336×280, and 160×600. However, many people use 468×60 and 728×90 on their blogs which is not capable of giving great performance owing to the fact that blogs just stand out to be banners for the esteemed readers, hence they are often overlooked.

Best Adsense Placement to Maximize Revenue

Place them in the reader’s eye path in the following ways:-

Top Left

Top of content which has to be right below the headline

Right below the post but it should be above social buttons, comments etc.

Have a left-aligned sidebar: – Although blogs usually have sidebar on their right, but consider having a left-aligned sidebar for maximizing revenue. As it will assist towards giving you the luxury of placing top-performing ad sizes into the top left like 300×250.

Best Adsense Placement to Maximize Revenue
Best Adsense Placement to Maximize Revenue

It is smart to place a throttle on the banners which are there on the top of the page in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience to the repeated readers.

Use custom channels when you are in the process of setting up your ads as it gives you the convenience of assigning simple names to every single banner slot. You can equally get to know the slots which are brining greater revenue as well.

Set custom channels which are targetable as it gives convenience of the availability of ad slot to your advertisers in a specific way, thereby generating more revenue.

Needless to say that Google indeed provides a great search engine for your blogs and you can easily display ads on search results as well.

It is equally important to get in touch with Adsense report. You will arm yourself with the highly sophisticated information pertaining to the articles which are generating the greatest Adsense revenue to your esteemed site. Hence, it will help you immensely towards choosing the topics which bring the highest paying ads by targeting such posts in future.

Although, Adsense TOS give you the luxury of 3 banner slots for each page, yet it is not wise to cram 3 slots on each page. Unlike your notion, it will not at all generate more revenue. Therefore, in such cases, keep them maximum to one or two in order to experience the pleasant change which you are dearly looking for.

Hence, by reading the aforesaid article, you will surely get the biggest assistance towards generating revenue quite like the way you have always wanted. Even, SERP HQ website helps you to double your income by increasing your search engine ranking. Quality backlinks and keyword research matters the most for getting traffic and better revenue.

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