The Best Classic Movies for People who don’t watch older Films

Classic Movies for People who don't watch older Films

Every Monday invites only a few film critics two questions and then publishes its results every Monday. (The answer to the second question, “What is the best film currently in theaters? ” You can find the answer at the bottom of this article.

The latest article claimed that millennials don’t care about old films. That may be true, or maybe not; however, the fact is that a large portion of the population doesn’t appreciate classic cinema in principle. They’re missing out; however, it takes only one film – the correct film to alter their views and forever change their viewing practices.

This week’s challenge Is there a classic film that you would recommend to someone who does not take time.

Candice Frederick 

Rebel Without a Cause.” I’ll admit that I’ve just watched the movie for the very first time in the past two years. I’m still amazed at how rich and pertinent it is.

People who grew up watching teen films such as “She’s All That,” Clueless,” and even “The Hunger Games,” which examine class differences in the younger generations in a way that’s easily digestible but still profound and meaningful, will be enthralled by this classic of 1955, led by an exemplary James Dean for its searing depiction of teenage angst and the repression that ails them.

“Rebel With a Purpose” transcends time as it does exactly what every good teen movie should do: allow young characters to be fully involved in a narrative that is completely and distinctly unique to them. If you want to buy Old movies on DVD click here.

Manuela Lazic 

As a millennial, I’m a bit snarky about this article claiming that my generation doesn’t care about old movies. However, in my own experience -beyond the realm of my “beloved” Film Twitter- it’s true! It all depends on where the kids reside, what age they are, and so on.

The answer will differ in the end. However, I’ll not forget the time my cousin was just 17 and from Bosnia would not see “Tootsie” since it appeared to be too old (we continue to talk about it, but I don’t believe she’s taken me seriously after I became angry with her for this).

In general, when someone similar to me and not interested in movies asks me for suggestions, I attempt to understand their tastes before recommending my top films, no matter how strange they may be since they’re my top choices and everybody should be watching them. Thanks.

If a young person was to come up to me with negative remarks about the films of the past But, I’d be required to shake their hearts correctly. Everybody has had a glimpse of Marilyn Monroe, and teens may appreciate understanding the source of Madonna’s video Material Girl took its style from, therefore “Some Like It Hot” could work wonders.

Attracted by the attractive title and the movie’s protagonist, the millennial will soon be captivated by the film’s thrilling opening sequence and its captivating mix of tones, from dark and bleak noir to comedy and action (without having to register the tones!). The 1959 film isn’t boring and slow! It even has sexy songs with a guitar!


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