Best Gifts for Your Kids

    Best Gifts for Your Kids

    Puzzling over what to get your niece or nephew for a birthday? Chances are, he’s already got tons of toys and you don’t want to get him something that will be under appreciated. Try these gift ideas next time you’re in a pinch for young children of all ages.


    Mom and Dad will definitely approve of a game that’s got an educational component and plenty of fun. Try these picks:

    Qwirkle: This game seems simple enough: You match tiles’ colors and shapes and get points. Young children will learn the basics of matching and older kids will enjoy developing strategy that helps them to win. This one is sure to become a family favorite, and has won awards from Parent’s Choice and Mensa Select.

    Angry Birds Knock on Woods: If the kid in your life loves the Angry Birds app, try giving this board game. The board game employs the same slingshot premise as the app and incorporates mission cards that guide game play

    Blokus Board: Good for older children, this game requires strategy to place colored tiles on the game board. Ensure a new tile touches a tile of the same color, but only at the corners.



    The dolls market is so crowded that choosing the right doll for a little girl can be super tricky. The tip here is to stick with established franchises that she already likes and knows. Ask Mom about which dolls she likes or try these top picks:

    Monster High Dolls: Monster High has been all the rage among young girls. If your niece or daughter is a Monster High fan, she’ll love collecting another of the Monster High personalities. Try the specialty collections like Roller Maze, Halloween, Travel Scaris or Picture Day if she’s got the original line of dolls.

    Barbie Collector Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Doll: Building on the success of the Hunger Games franchise, this doll presents a likeness of Katniss Everdeen based on actress Jennifer Lawrence. The Katniss doll comes complete with a Mockingjay pin, quiver of arrows, and a bow. This is a must for fans of the Hunger Games series and Barbie collectors.

    Best Gifts for Your Kids


    If your niece or nephew’s always grabbing your iPad or iPhone, an electronics gift is sure to please. Electronics gifts to consider include:

    LeapPad: Similar to an iPad, the LeadPad is decidedly built for kids. The device offers over 100 games, ebooks, flash cards, videos and apps to boost learning. Kids can also use it as a camera or video camera. The LeapPad comes with 2 GB of memory, so Mom and Dad can add more games and apps later on. This educational toy is geared toward younger children aged 4 to 9.

    MP3 Player: High-end mp3 players like the iPod Touch as well as low-end mp3 players that don’t offer auxiliary functions make fun gifts for kids who want to explore their own musical tastes. Consider gifting an mp3 player along with a gift card to the iTunes store or Amazon, so kids can equip the device with music right away. This makes sense for older children.

    Talk to Mom and Dad before you gift a large electronics gift, as they may already be planning to give this gift or they may have rules about what type of technology their wee one can use at home.

    Score cool mom and dad or auntie or uncle points with a gift that’s kid-approved. Since these gifts come at a wide range of price points, there’s sure to be something that works for special occasions and everyday surprises.

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