“Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life. Without it….it dies.”

Do you agree with the aforementioned quote?

If you do, we are certain that you would agree, communication is the most important aspect of every relationship. But is that easy?

Well, we know, it’s easy to suggest that communication is necessary for a successful relationship, but expressing yourself is even more complex. There is higher chance of misunderstanding, negative thoughts and conflicts, when either you are not spending too less time with your partner or spending too much time and not giving enough space to your partner.

Hence, in order to have a happy and healthy relationship, both partners must communicate, express and listen to each other as and when required.

Keeping in the mind, this good read will enlighten you all about the benefits of communication and effective ways of communication to enjoy happy relationship.

First, let’s start with the topic importance of communication.

So, let’s get started!


Do you guys wonder why it is important to communicate in a relationship? We bet, you do, but immediately afterwards we jump onto the ways of better.

Honestly, before knowing the ways of improving it, it’s very necessary to know the importance of communication. So, here are the reasons for the importance of healthy communication:

  1. Improved the trust between you and your partner: In a relationship, true communication is the process in which you can always talk to your lover about anything: your joys and sorrows, your happy and terrible days. You’re emotionally available in front of them because you feel they’ll always love and support you. One of the Five Subjects of Love is ultimate honesty and transparency, which leads to complete trust in your partnership.
  1. Resolve conflict in a more effective manner:  We’ve probably heard partners who seem to quarrel constantly – and some who don’t seem to fight at all. It’s not necessary to agree with your partner all of the time. It’s to use the recommendations to develop your conflict resolution abilities so that when conflicts arise, you can convert them into anything that enriches your connection rather than shutting it down.
  1. Increased emotional closeness:  Learning how to increase relationship communication is beneficial to your emotional closeness, or your willingness to perceive, understand, and be sensitive to your spouse. Practicing communication skills demonstrates that you appreciate and cherish your partner’s feelings and viewpoints. Emotional closeness rises when people feel respected and welcomed.

Now, we know the value of communication. So, it’s crucial to know the importance. Let’s know some tips to improve communication to maintain a healthy relationship.


As we all know how important is communication in a relationship. If you do not communicate and having problems related to communication then you should try some tips that are given below:

  • Ask your partner open-ended questions because it will allow them to speak more about themselves. Like you can ask “how was your day” instead of asking “did you have a good day.”
  • Never assume in your mind that he/she is thinking that or something else because that will only lead to misunderstanding and can hurt feelings.
  • Become a listener not a speaker in your relationship. Listening to them will help your partner feel distressed, and even if you are not able to provide a solution, guess what, they can feel lite at heart.
  • Have regular relationship check-ups because it provides you with a vital opportunity to voice your views. “How do you feel about us?” is a good question to ask. Also, if there are any significant shifts such as moving in together, getting engaged, or going on vacation, communicate about them constantly.
  • Respond to your partner. If you are listening then show them properly by responding to them. Like you can ask questions related to their talk. It makes them feel good and special.


In a nutshell, communication is a master key to a healthy relationship. Communication can be mostly about having long, in-depth discussions. In truth, it’s all about taking care of the small details.

Hope this article fulfils your purpose!

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