Dating: An Unpaid Internship For Teenagers

Dating: An Unpaid Internship For Teenagers

The Beauty Of Teenage : 

Teenage! The period where you start dreaming for the fantasy world. The phase where you welcome your restlessness and seriousness, the time when your heart starts blooming for that cute boy and sweet girls of your class. 

Teenage is the most crucial phase of our life, the time where we shape our future to have the universal saying ‘Morning shows the days’! If you make the roots of your life solid, your branches will bear fruit. 

How teenage helps you :

This period helps you finding out the buckets of happiness in true sense. 

  • It supplements you with the colors of love, and brings your crush to your dreams!
  • It instigates you to date the guys and girls of your choice, 
  • It gives you 100 reasons to smile!
  • It never forces you to be a normal human being. 

That is the beauty of teenage, it attracts you towards astonishing things! Surprisingly, you enter into this phase with lots of surreal imaginations. One thing you should always remember doesn’t do any mindless deed that makes you feel regret after 20 years later

Dating Circle : 

Have you ever got the chance to date your crush? If you had the chance, then you are the luckiest cupid in this world. Falling and love and dating in a relationship are completely two different things. 

Dating: An Unpaid Internship For Teenagers
Dating: An Unpaid Internship For Teenagers

You can fall in love with someone, but to have a dinner date, you need an affirmative answer from the other end too. But, when you are already dating, you are in a relationship and enjoying the romantic dinner dates

Many people consider dating during teenage as an unpaid internship, let’s discover the reasons behind this because we know, most of the internships are for learning purposes without any salary

1. Teenage dating:  Exchange of Gifts :

Dating has become a trend for many young couples just to have a partner and exchange gifts. Teenage is like a petal in the flower and requires much care to get handled better. This phase is basically meant for the upliftment of education and other productive extracurricular activities.

But, teenagers have added the love of their life in this phase too. Also, they are not sure whether it is attention or infatuation, they just imitate others and start dating

They explore so many things while getting into a love relationship, and end up having huge faded breakups! It literally, makes them sad and it creates bad impacts on their mind to adopt any future love relationship.

This teenage period is so fragile, to handle much pain and, break up makes them toughest youngsters ignore the rest of the world!

2. No proper understanding :

Dating: An Unpaid Internship For Teenagers

A teenager is a much young person to understand everything in a better way. No matter how much you are matured enough in your teenage but some things people get to learn while they are aging. Few things you can learn only on time, not before that. 

When teenagers enter into a relationship, they keep fighting the whole day long and that hampers their study time. And, for some relationships meeting their partners every day is a part of the daily routine. If one person fails to meet one day, a cold war is being initiated between them. 

It is okay to have a healthy relationship, but no pinch of understanding will lead to destructions only. 

3. Just to have a partner :

Many teenagers enter into a relationship just to have a partner.  It does not matter whether they are going to continue that relationship or not, but they just need a partner, because their friends are having girlfriends and boyfriends. 

So, now a days having a boyfriend and girlfriend is a matter of  prestige

To maintain the dignity of relationships and stand online with their friends, they need a partner for biology and chemistry practicals. Jokes apart, they need their partner to pass the so-called boring times. 

4. Teenage dating : Parents have no ideas :

Most teenagers do not reveal anything about their relationship with their parents. They keep things secret and later face many problems if they do something unexpected. 

Dating: An Unpaid Internship For Teenagers
Dating: An Unpaid Internship For Teenagers

The teenage relationships are for showing off, that they have a partner in crime, to love, to kiss, to travel, and to explore many new things. Dating is not a bad idea, while you are learning many life skills, but concealing it from your parents may harm your life. 

You guys are young and have no idea, what to  do and what not to do in a relationship

5. Social Media Showing off :

Many teenagers enter into a relationship just for the sake of showing off their relationship status in social media platforms.  Just to give an update with, which new girl or new guy they are dating

They upload every second thing that is happening in their relationship. It’s okay, they are kids, they update everything without thinking much, but later these updates become a sign of blackmailing when they are on the verge of breakups!

Many teenagers are serious about their relationship, but if one person in the relationship starts ditching the other person gets shattered. 

6. Expensive Dating :

Sometimes, in a relationship, a girl yearns for a dinner date in a costlier boutique hotel, but being a teenager with less pocket money, it is not possible for the boy to bring his girl to such places.  Sometimes, conflicts occur in such situations too. 

Dating: An Unpaid Internship For Teenagers
Dating: An Unpaid Internship For Teenagers

They compare the materialistic happenings of their relationship with others. That is why they face problems and choose to give breakups easily.  

Also, there are teenagers who utilize the power of love in a relationship, to focus more on productive outputs.  

7.  To become party animals :

Socialization is good!  Partying is also good but crossing all the limits in teenagers and becoming a party animal is the worst idea, a teenager can adopt. We know it very well, that life is short, we only live once, so if we do not enjoy everything now, then when? 

Is it so easy to enjoy the parties with your parents’ money? Don’t you want to enjoy the parties with your own money someday? To get all the things you want, first, you have to build your career

Dating: An Unpaid Internship For Teenagers
Dating: An Unpaid Internship For Teenagers

Enjoying parties and dating in teenagers, will not allow you to have a good career in the future! Because you are already wasting your valuable time in this crucial phase of your life. 

For those above mentioned reasons, people are saying it is not good to start dating when you are a teenager

Conclusion :

See we are social animals, we love gatherings, we fall in love, we skydive, we do many adventures in our life, so falling in love and dating can never be a crime!

Dating: An Unpaid Internship For Teenagers

If you are a teenager,  you can also date someone! The main thing is, you have to master in controlling many things, and the teenage period does not allow the control option. If your relationship inspires you every day, you keep it. If it disturbs your mental peace, then dating someone will not be a good option. 

Dear teenagers, this is the time either you make your life or break your life.  The Choice is yours, whether you want a bright career or lame excuses for not having a good career! People with relationships are also doing good and having great careers, you need to learn how to respect your relationships in your teens

Enjoy every little bit of the teenage, and if possible have dating experience too. Though it will be considered as an unpaid internship, you will gain lots of practical experiences. 

Shibani Mahanta

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