Ever Had Swine Flu At The Office?

Ever Had Swine Flu At The Office?

Know the new Flu

You might have heard about Swine flu, Bird flu, Influenza, viral fever, common flu, and all. But, have you ever heard about wine flu? That too related to alcoholic effects and office. It is good to see, that nowadays people are living their life with the Hedonist concept and enjoying it to the fullest. 

Hangover :

I hope you are familiar with the word ‘Hangover’, and swine flu is related to that only. Most of us consume alcohol, also we are fond of different types of brands and categories of alcohol. It is injurious to health, but nowadays no club party starts without this!

Superficial definition of Wine flu

It is basically used in a sarcastic manner to tease someone who comes to office with the hangover of the previous day’s high alcohol consumption level. If you consume less alcohol, then there will be no hangover in the office. 

However, imagine your life with the previous day’s hangover in today’s office! You try to work hard and you feel sleepy at the same time. 

Okay, now let’s go through some weird movements that you can do while having wine flu at office !

1. Skipping important points of a conference :

Ever Had Wine Flu At The Office?
Ever Had Wine Flu At The Office?

Suppose, you have a conference or meeting with your clients and boss on Monday and during Sunday you had great times with your favorite extra shots of vodkas. Your yesterday’s hangover is not supporting you to be attentive towards the conference. And, finally, you skip the most important points and getting scolded by your boss in the office.

Just imagine that awkward situation, of misbehave of your boss in front of your colleagues!

2. Seeing women colleagues as actress :

When you consume excessive alcohol, your sleep inertia helps you to find your women colleagues as Hollywood or Bollywood actresses. You find extra beauty in anything, and when you lose control then you start flirting with your female colleagues too! They feel awkward about your behavior of hangover!

Now, you think how you will show your face on Tuesday, at office! 

3. The black tea looks like whiskey:

As you drink lots of pegs on your weekends, and the very next day, when you get the morning cup of black tea at the office, then you compare it with yesterday’s whiskey pegs. And you back to the weekends again in your mind.

See, how your whiskey pegs can help you to relate the office liquors and you end up thinking that for at least 45 minutes and it pushes you back with time while formatting a spreadsheet in MS Excel! 

So, be careful and choose which is better your boss’s taunting or extra pegs of whisky!

4. The tea cups look like Tequila  shots :

Ever Had Wine Flu At The Office?
Ever Had Wine Flu At The Office?

The tequila shots are pure love with small glasses. When your office boy brings you the tea in an Eco- friendly cup, and you try to relate that cup with the tequila shots of yesterday’s beery night.

Your Monday becomes one of the fantasy days in a week! No matter, how much you will try to get rid of the hangover, it never leaves you alone in the office. 

You have to decide, bleary eyed on weekends or wine flu at office!

5. Use of Excessive mouth freshener :

You also try to conceal the unpleasant odor of your mouth with the help of a mouth freshener.  To smell fresh, you try to afford all the possible things, but somehow end up giving the bad breath from your mouth to other colleagues. And, the next day those colleagues stop coming to your desk for any favor!

Now, it will be your solid decision , whether you want to choose the correct mouth freshener or you want to consume less alcohol.

6. Putting hands on mouth while talking :

When you reach office with last day’s hangover, you need to remain cautious of the smell, that comes out from your mouth. Even, sometimes you pretend like you are having a cramp in your teeth, so you can carry a handkerchief on your face!

If you can not think of giving the unpleasant odor to anyone else at the office, then at least try not to intake much alcohol to give punishment to your liver function

Always remember, little bit of everything is good, but excessive of everything is bad! Save yourself from extra shots of Vodkas!

7. Sleep will occupy more time  :

Ever Had Wine Flu At The Office?
Ever Had Wine Flu At The Office?

When you enter the office under the influence of yesterday’s chill environment, you feel the same airy atmosphere at the office. Most of the time, you feel more sleepy!

You see all the office files as hills of a mountain ! You are going to feel the same rock and roll environment at office too. 

8. Typing errors are a must:

When you feel sleepy, whatever you type, you make most of the mistakes. Somehow, you type five words and backspace it more than six times. A simple email writing will be the toughest job for you to arrange the words in order.

And, imagine the Monday pressure,  you will be getting from your boss to complete everything in the given time. 

9. Lunch time becomes the complete sleep time :

When you go office with the hangover condition, your lunchtime is occupied by the unwanted sleep of the lazy hangover. You miss the hot gossiping topics with your colleagues.

You sleep during the lunch time to get rid of  the unwanted hangover , and you skip the lunch time ! 

Those are some fun triggered hangover effects you can have in office. You try a lot not to sleep, but you end up sleeping

Overview on consumption of alcohol

Envisioning the office scenario with a hangover, you can reduce the quantity of alcohol intake at weekends. It is okay if some of the weekends in a quarter you consume alcohols, but too much in every weekend will deteriorate your health. So, keep everything in the limit. 

In a year you get 52 weekends and in a month you get 4 weekends . If you used to consume only in one weekend, then your health will support you throughout. Alcoholic people can not imagine their life without alcohol, but you can bring a change!

Ever Had Wine Flu At The Office?
Ever Had Wine Flu At The Office?

Let’s check into  the top 10 things you can do without alcohol, and those are considered as best feelings for anyone like you

  • You can still have a birthday party without alcohol.
  • You can throw your new car party without alcohol.
  • You can celebrate your promotion without alcohol.
  • Life goes on if you don’t drink at a friend’s wedding ceremony.
  • You can skip at least two weekends without  alcohol
  • People are still alive after their breakups without alcohol
  • If you live with your parents, don’t enter the home after consuming alcohol. If you do, it is a sign of disrespect to your parents.
  • There are people in this world, who are happy without consuming alcohol. So you can be a part of that world too.
  • Surprises can be alcohol-free too.
  • People are living without consuming alcohol for 21 days too. To make a habit you need 21 days! So, you can give a try without consuming alcohol for 21 days. 

Try to understand the people around you, learn from them, learn from your mistakes, but never ever try to copy them. If one of your friends is having scotch regularly, it does not mean you should have it too! Take your life seriously, if you have long term goals, if you want to live with your family, then stay safe and happy along with them. 

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