Feminism: A Taboo Or An Encouragement?

Feminism: A Taboo Or An Encouragement?

Of all the genders in the world, we find Male and Female are the ones get compared from time to time.  The comparison parameter lies on the basis of gender inequality, financial stability, domestic violence, success, and failure and now the most discussed topic among all is feminism. 

Feminism is the social movement for equality and opportunity in everything, irrespective of gender.  To see the world as one place with equal political rights,  equal social rights, equal education rights, equal pay rights, and various sensitive issues are adopted in the feminism movement. 

People who believe in feminism and support equal rights for women and men are called true feminists. 

To our utter surprise, now this social movement has taken its U-Turn and sometimes releasing its power in an adverse way too. 

Now, keeping aside the meaning of feminism, let’s go through some serious issues of feminism. 

1. Opportunity Outburst:  They say, women have become opportunists now!  They take advantage of any situations in life happening around them.

  • Scenario: Women do not offer a seat to old men and other male passengers carrying a baby in public transport! Is it true? A person’s mentality depends on the basis of his and her upbringing. If people have sacraments from the early learnings, then they will look at the situation without taking the opportunity. 

Same like that, it doesn’t matter which gender you belong to, if you have a heart with compassion and a brain with common sense, then surely you will offer a seat to a senior citizen.  

Feminism: A Taboo Or An Encouragement?
Feminism: A Taboo Or An Encouragement?

You can not distinguish any specific gender in those terms. That is why the feminist movement has raised issues not to compare anyone with the gender they are born with.  If a woman raises a voice on issues like this, she will be treated as a feminist. 

2. Feminist geek: Many people say the feminist movement is nothing but a woman’s movement to enjoy equal rights everywhere, why should we get indulged into it. In short, they are looking for first priority.

  • Claim: In a workplace, if a woman performs better than a man and gets a promotion soon as compared to a man working in the same department, then 80% of the employees say, she has got the promotion because she is a woman and she was trying to impress the boss since her joining. 

Now coming to the analysis, does her promotion include some extra coffee shots with her boss or her dedication and hard work? Most employees are saying it coffee shots and  20% of employees are saying it’s her hard work. 

Now, that 20 % of people who are supporting her will be declared as feminists in the whole office including the Boss. And, you are going to figure out who is an opportunist feminist in the office just for a promotion? 

3.  Domestic Violence: Women often put false allegations for facing domestic brutality. Men also face domestic violence but they do not make it public, or if they do the media does not bring their stories to the limelight.

  • Allegations: A woman had put false allegations on her husband, and now he is in jail. A man who is getting abused by his wife sues in court but he is not getting justice as the woman has received. 
Feminism: A Taboo Or An Encouragement?

Allegations are many in violence. Sometimes women are wrong and sometimes men are wrong. But, when they sue in court, early justice to a woman, does not indicate the reason for the feminism movement! Things lay in contradiction who is saying truth or lies, but as human being women and men both have the right to speak against violence on them.

While getting justice, women are often proclaimed as feminists. Just because she is a woman, and the things were taken soft heartedly!

Some may claim false allegations too, your duty is not to redirect all activities to feminist movement. 

Now, those three situations are simple examples of wrong implications of the word  Feminism to learn how it is dealing with society. 

How do you consider feminism as a taboo or an encouragement for a society? If you are a feminist then know the real meaning of being a feminist.  

  •  Taking not equal responsibilities as other genders is not a part of the feminism movement, that will be considered as an opportunist movement. If you ask for equal pays, you go for equal responsibilities too.  In such a consequence, feminism is an encouragement to eliminate the gender gap.
  •  Helping your working wife will not make you a servant husband, rather it will help you both to finish the work earlier or on time. But people will say she is such a bitch wife, she is using her husband at home to clean floors and wash utensils.
Feminism: A Taboo Or An Encouragement?
Feminism: A Taboo Or An Encouragement?

Dear aunty acids, if the man is ready to help her then why all those cheap gossiping ? She may not have two , three helpers like you to help her in household works, that is why the husband is helping her, simple!. 

Here, also if you see feminism , then you are making it a social taboo. 

  • Being a woman, teaching your children to respect only women is a Feminism social taboo, but teaching your children to respect everyone is encouragement in feminism.
  •  Educating your daughters along with your sons with the subject or course they want to pursue is encouragement in feminism.
  •  Feminism does not always hate patriarchy, if some people do , then they are considering it as a social taboo. Because, true feminists do not hate male genders, rather they fight for equal recognition in their children’s upbringing.
  •  If you have strict guidelines for your female and male children in your family while returning home late nights, then you are paying equal freedom to both the genders. And this is indeed an encouragement in feminism.
  • After making blunder and faults, if you are not ready to apologize to the other person in the relationship just because you are a woman, then you are not a feminist, you are making the personal issues to a feminist taboo.
  •  If you are teaching your girl child the difference between the types of works that are done by boys and types of work done by girls, then surely your teachings are going to encourage her for feminism as taboo. Also, these kind of teachings will bother her mind with gender discrimination. 
  • Teaching your girl to be independent is the most noble afford you can put, but don’t let her treasure a mentality that she does not need any man to help her throughout the life. Otherwise, this kind of feminism will become a taboo for society.

Those are some humorous facts , that we often hear in relation with feminism.  

We all know, feminism movement had started to protect gender gaps and providing gender equality,  encourage women to join the political field by providing political powers, economically sound, personally independent. 

The aim of feminism movement is to protect the rights of women, not to encourage the women to leave their husbands and do all the things alone. 

Many people say, feminists come forward when  the topic is about equality in everything, but  when it comes to equal responsibilities, they move backward. 

To respect feminism, do things that make you feel proud and others as well, but it does not  mean you say anything that comes into your mind being a feminist, when you see a pregnant lady standing on a public bus and two men are sitting. 

The contradictions often come to your mind : 

Feminism: A Taboo Or An Encouragement?
Feminism: A Taboo Or An Encouragement?
  • The two men are not offering the seat to her
  • May be the baby cries, while the mother is sitting
  • May be a man offered the seat already, but she refused to take
  • May be she is about to reach her destination, that why she is standing

There may  be many reasons, but you can not judge a man or a woman just by seeing a viral picture on internet, the more you judge the men , the more people will find you are directing the feminism for cause a social issue. 

We all have born with a brain, so why not using it in a positive direction? Every picture and every story have a hidden inside story, which we can not see and realize from outside, so it is always better to give comments after knowing the complete story of that situation. 

Feminism is not always bad, as people think because of many over particular comments and statements of feminists on many social issues.  

If you encourage feminism in a positive way by not hurting anyone’s emotion, then you can definitely build a world without any gender gap. 


Always remember, you are a human being so try to resolve the things, rather making it more complicating. Live life with less hatred and more love. Don’t spend all the time of your life in the competition between men and women in a feminist movement. 

Shibani Mahanta

Among all the hobbies in this world , she holds writing as her dearest friend. Her passion in writing drives her crazy, and she is determined enough to change the views of people on a particular topic by writing. The pen and the keyboard are two weapons , that make her smile every single day!

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