How to tell a guy you’re on your period in a funny way

(Learn new funny codenames for your periods and let the guys know about it. Learn how to defy the period days with another names . )w

Weirdo or Periodo? :

When the world is full of weird people, whom you call a weirdo, then the most sensitive thing of this world women go through periods should be called Periodo?! Jokes apart let me tell you how women try to hide their period days with funny names. Anyway, all are creating many things in this world, so let us make the period days a beautiful one with creative code names to let the guys know in a funny way.

Women Scenes on periods :

Women are blessed with a beautiful happening , and that unique happening is called period. Every woman gets bleed in a month. Women feel shy more often to share anything about their periods. So when they talk to the guys about their periods , they use some codenames and funny names to indicate , they are going through a soft phase of the month.

Okay, we are women! We meet our girls in kitty parties every month, or in a girl’s night out, or in a baby shower ceremony and many more rituals and occasions related to women and share all our darkest secrets and discuss the period cramps too. Imagine, your boyfriend is asking about your periods! Imagine the guys with whom you hang out are asking about your periods.

Nick Names for Periods

So, how you will let them know in a funny way! Let’s go through some funny nick names for periods !

The Nicknames for Periods :

  1. The monthly practice: If a stranger guy, asks you for a dinner date, and you are having you are going through the lower abdominal cramps, then you can say the guy, “Hey, I am having a monthly practice”.
  1. Bleed Blue : Most of the guys love the colour Blue, so when a guy is hanging out with you during your periods, tell him, you are bleeding blue and can’t go further through walking.
  1. Grey days : As we all know, the Grey colour represents the balance and neutrality in our life, during periods we suffer a lot. But we choose to remain silent , and maintain the balance over our head.
  1. Red river : The colour of Blood is Red. As it is a deadly combination of danger, anger, adventure , violence, and passionate love so the red river will be symbolically another name for period. It seems, you are strong enough to handle anything in this world.
  1. Stomach Roller Coaster : At times, the periods will make you excited , exhilarated happy and sometimes even sad too. Women with periods, understand the roller coaster ride in stomach. Tell guys, see , “ I am having a roller coaster ride in my stomach, so I can’t go out”
  1. The Red Dot : If a guy asks you for a social project for women, then you say him about the sanitisation process and hygiene factors to be taken during the Red Dot phase. So, the word period can be replaced by the codeword ‘The Red Dot’
  1. Gift of Mother Nature : When you feel irritation during periods, then you can count on the blessings of God, as mother nature’s gift. Also, tell your boyfriend to bring some vanilla ice cream to feel the summer inside.
  1. Annoying 5 days: The another name you can give to your periods is annoying 5 days. If a guy teases you for no reason, tell him without any delay that , you are facing those Annoying 5 days of the month. “If you continue teasing, I am gonna break your nose.”
  1. Magic Time : You can give a codename to your periods as Magic time. Undoubtedly, period time is the magic time, as women bleed. No guys can understand the situations of those 5 days that women go through.
  2. Refreshment days : If a guy asks you about the feeling you have during periods, you just say him that these are just refreshment days and you are getting more energy to beat him in a pillow fight! Sounds precise ?
How to tell a guy you’re on your period in a funny way

Those are some meaningful funny code names and nicknames , you can tell the guys about your periods. Now by using above mentioned code words you can tell a guy, frankly about your periods.

Codewords and Women: Women always come forward, when its time to give codenames or codewords related to the things that are associated with them.

How to tell a guy you’re on your period in a funny way
How to tell a guy you’re on your period in a funny way

Now, let’s find out another names for periods :

  1. Crimson Wave : “Hello guys, you know why I can’t go out today , I am floating on crimson waves.” Please understand.
  2. Shorter Movement Days : If you do not like to clean your room or work at your home, just let the guys know that you are having shorter movement days.
  3. Pee Pee : Also, you can say you are feeling pee pee , these days! So, you can’t get all the things done easily. You need some time. If you say you are on pee pee, your boyfriend will pamper you even more.
  4. Girly Weapon : Women should feel proud about their monthly red marks. Because, it is the weapon that makes her feel ever stronger.
  5. Homesick Queen : Your periods get more attention, if you wish to stay home during those days. So, your boyfriend will ask you for a date like this; “Hello Homesick Queen, can we have a romantic dinner date?”

Those 5 codewords or codenames you can tell the guys, who are literally curious about your periods. Also, you will not hesitate to tell your boyfriend about your periods.

Code names associated with Aunt name: To fuel our sarcasm and make a mockery of someone going through periods we give them some aunt names! Those are humorous yet funny names of periods to let the guys know, that you are on periods.

  1. Aunt Flowing : To tease a woman, or just to make her happy during periods guys can say her, “Are you going through a aunty flowing time? Okay, don’t worry , we are gonna bring pizzas for you.”
  2. Women flu : You can say a women is suffering from Women Flu during her periods.
  3. Bleeding Warrior : Bleeding warrior, probably one of the nicest code name for periods. Because , you also know if people bleed, they would die. But, see how women are real warriors while bleeding. It seems funny, that a woman is going to tell a guy that she is now a bleeding warrior, but it has a deep meaning inside.
  4. Natural Strain : When she is on her periods , she may tell guys like , “Now I’m having Natural strains, so I can’t go out for a party.”
  5. Red Fruits : Women on periods can say their boyfriends like, “I am having red fruits now, please do not irritate me or disturb me! Or else, you will not be able to handle my mood swings.”

Menstruation is not a taboo, but still, people feel shy to discuss it frankly, or most of the time they prefer codenames to denote periods. Also, women can tell the guys in a funny way, that ;

Women Scenes on periods
Women Scenes on periods
  • They are having Cherry Days
  • They are having Apple days
  • They are having Beetroot days
  • They are having Cranberry days

and, they are having all red fruits and vegetable days. Times have changed a lot, you can say people that you are on your periods too, but sometimes it makes you feel better when you try to be creative about your period’s nicknames too.

See, women are creating the world, so why not a little bit of creativity during periods! Pick one name from the above mentioned period codenames and confuse the guys..!!

If they do not get confused, ask them for a Pizza date, because they know women like you in a better way.

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