Tips On How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally

How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally

Eyelash curlers can look intimidating even though they can cause damage to your gentle eyelashes. You don’t need a damaging eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes every time you’re going out, but there are different DIY techniques like curling eyelashes with spoon, etc that can help on How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally.

If you’re wondering how to curl eyelashes without any eyelash curler, here you’ll be able to know about the best ways how to train your eyelashes to curl naturally.

Curling Eyelashes Without An Eyelash Curler

If you’re wondering how can I curl straight eyelashes naturally, here’s everything about it you need to know.

Being afraid of damaging your eyelashes using a curler is a real fear. But you can avoid that by using alternate and effective techniques to curl your eyelashes naturally.

How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally
How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally
  • You can make your mascara work double to lift and curl your eyelashes at the same time. It’s the quickest way to curl your eyelashes. You need to count to ten while holding the lashes in place. It will not only give your eyelashes a lift but curl them too.
  • A gentle amount of pressure with warm hands can do the job of curling lashes naturally. After heating your hands and fingertips with your breath, curl your lashes by pressing them and using mascara at the end.
  • If you’ve heard of curling eyelashes with spoon and it makes you wonder how to curl eyelashes with spoon, you can easily do it by heating a spoon in a mug of water. You’ve to take the heated spoon, place the curve side on your lid and press the lashes gently with it for at least ten seconds.
  • Another hyped way is by using a toothbrush. If you’re looking to know how to curl your eyelashes to curl naturally with a toothbrush, here it is.

You can brush your lashes with a clean toothbrush, starting from the base to the tips to curl it naturally.

Good Practices To Get Curled Eyelashes

Proper lash care can help you have naturally curled and thick eyelashes. Often we forget to take proper care of our eyelashes which is why we need to depend on curlers to get curled and lifted eyelashes.

However, with good habits and proper care, you can have popping eyelashes naturally. The following points have some important tips about which you should know to get curled eyelashes naturally.

  • You need to keep your eyelashes moisturized all time so that they can not only appear fully and curled but also healthy.
  • Avoid using too many eyelash products and oils. You can apply natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil. But refrain from applying too much.
  • Brush your eyelashes regularly to keep them smooth. Massage them often to increase the blood stimulation.
  • Rubbing your eyes frantically can damage your gentle eyelashes.
  • Use gentle face cleanser so that the eyelids and hair follicles of your eyelashes don’t get dried out.

Best DIY eyelashes curling home method

You can curl your straight eyelashes naturally at home by using different DIY techniques. Frequent use of chemical-based eyelash products or curlers can damage your gentle eyelashes, therefore it’s always safer to use DIY methods to curl and lift eyelashes at home.

If you’re keen to know about how do you curl your eyelashes at home, here you’ll find two of the best DIY methods to curl eyelashes at home easily without damaging them.

  • The first DIY method is by using Vaseline. Even though it may sound unreal and can make you think, does Vaseline keep eyelashes curled, you can really use Vaseline to curl your eyelashes. Vaseline petroleum jelly can not only curl your eyelashes but keep them moisturized for several hours. You can take a small amount of vaseline on your fingertips and apply it to your eyelashes. Press it gently for seconds to curl it or you can go for a curler after applying the vaseline too.
  • You can also use the Korean technique of using a cotton swab to curl eyelashes. It’s another DIY alternative that can help you have fuller and curler eyelashes.

You can take a cotton swab and cut off the ends. You need to warm up the rest of the stick and move it gently on your lashes to give it a lift. It will stay all day and will show no signs of drooping.

How To Get Naturally Curled Lashes?

You can get thick and curled lashes naturally too. Fancy tools and curlers can give you fake curls for a few hours which are damaging. You can train your eyelashes to stay curled naturally

Now if you’re wondering How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally, here are a few products you can use to do it.

  • Using aloe vera gel to get curled lashes
  • Oils like castor oil, olive oil can also help you get thicker and curlier eyelashes.
  • Brushing your eyelashes every day by lifting them upwards using a warm and spooky brush can gradually give your lashes a curl lift.

Common Eyelashes Curling Mistakes to avoid

If your lashes won’t stay curled, thoughts of why won’t my lashes stay curled can occur to you often. But, you need to know that it’s because of some of your curling mistakes, you can’t get curly eyelashes.

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Here are a few mistakes you need to avoid to make your lashes stay curled.

  • Using the wrong curler. Using the right curling tool that’s best for your lashes is important to curl your lashes properly.
  • Dirty and old tools can’t ruin it all. The lash tool you’re using should be clean so that it can work properly.
  • If you’re holding the curler for just a few seconds, it might not work. The longer you can hold it, you’ll get better-curled lashes.
  • Too small lashes can’t be curled using a curler.
  • If you’re using the lash curler on wet eyelashes, it won’t stay curled. You’ve to curl the lashes when they’re dry.
how to curl eyelash naturally
How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally

Steps To Curl Eyelashes Properly

If you want to know how to curl lashes without damage, you need to follow all the necessary steps to avoid damaging them yourself. Eyelash curling can be damaging if not don’t right. If you don’t take proper and necessary care of your eyelashes before curling them, they can not only refuse to stay curled but can also break.

  • Make sure your lash curler is clean and maintained.
  • You’ve to decide if you’re willing to go for a heated or a non-heated curler.
  • Preparing your lashes is important. You can use Vaseline petroleum jelly to remove any leftover makeup and moisturize it. Then go for the lash curler.
  • You’ve to hold the curler for a sufficient amount of time to get the lift.
  • Put the mascara after using the lash curler. If you put the mascara before curling the lashes, it can cause the lashes to break.

Natural ways didn’t work? Check out this equipment they will surely assist you to get rid of nostril hairs.

There are two ways you can go with:

Use Mascara-A good quality mascara will create a more dramatic and textured look to your lashes. We have listed some good products that you may like to buy or check.

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An Eyelash Curler-Eyelash curlers are meant to curl lashes without any damage. You just require some techniques and of course a good Eyelash curler.

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1.Is curling your eyelashes with a spoon bad?

Using a spoon to curl eyelashes is an age-old technique that can help you get curl lashes without any breakage.

2.Can I curl my lashes with Vaseline?

You can apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly on your lashes before you curl them. It will keep the lashes moist and appear fuller.

3.Does curling lashes result in eyelash fall?

Using curling lashes after applying mascara isn’t the right way and can cause the lashes to break or fall out.


Curling lashes using a lash curler regularly can damage your eyelashes and cause fallout. You can use the DIY methods of using vaseline, aloe vera gel, etc to curl your lashes at home. Even the use of spoons, cotton swabs, thick coats of mascara, etc are some of the best natural alternatives of lash curlers.

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