I Am 29 Years Old, But Never 30!

I Am 29 Years Old, But Never 30!
I Am 29 Years Old, But Never 30!

Real age is an imaginary number!

Her age and his income, both are mysterious factors in our daily life. Also, you are leaving no stone unturned to know the real numbers, but most of the real numbers are imaginary. 

Okay, jokes apart , but people stalk women’s age like they are going to collect some great information for their upcoming marriage on the basis of  Facebook love story. 

We run after numbers:

As Human beings,  we love numbers in many way , a child’s upgrading marks are more important than his happiness for parents. Life has become nothing but, a number riddle. You try to be the rational ones, but always ends up being complex numbers

You must be searching the logic behind, why women’s age stop only on 29 forever

Okay, let’s appreciate some humorous marks !

10 excuses to say no to the 30 club 

I Am 29 Years Old, But Never 30!
I Am 29 Years Old, But Never 30!

1. Beauty below Thirty :

A woman’s mind has always assumed the idea of getting old after thirty years. They feel the beauty now they her inhaling and attracting others might lose the charm after 30! Therefore, every women want to live their lives in always twenties!

So before having any lame guess of her age, make sure you know it can never get exceeded to thirty. Women are always beautiful, irrespective of their ages.  A predetermined idea of getting old after thirty has to push a woman to live forever in twenty-nine always! 

Even when she becomes sixty five years old, she loves to be the part of the club 29!

2. Because, Thirty is Dirty :

After living the superfluous  twenties, women never want to enter the dirty thirty club.  To keep her mind always sober and gentle she prefers the age of twenty nine, in her mind. Because , she wants to be that Spring song in your heart.

That is why  we often hear things like, ‘Don’t ask a woman her age, or else she will kill you!’

3. To meet Mr. Nice everyday :

The twenties are the time to meet Mr nice wholeheartedly. The time, when Mr. Nice pampers you with so many beautiful things.  To keep the beautiful things in hand, women always try to be in the twenties but never touch the thirty club.

The decade between twenty and thirty is the most productive period, that women utilise her time in it. A woman is always a keeper, so she loves to keep her age too !

4. No to mid life crisis :

A woman never wants to enter the mid life crisis phase in her life. But when she enters thirty, she is infused with most of the responsibilities of her life. Time flies like rocket from thirties to forties .

I Am 29 Years Old, But Never 30!

During the forties, women are happened to be with a mid-life crisis in the mid-forties, to refrain from that annoying phase, where she gets irritated soon! So, she prefers to be in her twenties! 

5. Age is just a number :

Women are still figuring out answers for the questions relating to her age. If you do not ask a man , about his age then why you often discuss about a woman’s age.  And that poor guess, she has wrinkles, she must be fifty years old!

Her hair is growing grey, she must get married soon or else after 30 she will not get a perfect match for her wedding

6. Hot flash of the camera :

Remaining in the twenties a woman is eye candy for everyone. In any occasion, she becomes the hot flash of any camera for her carefree attitude. She loves to be surrounded by the people of her choice.

A picture reflects many memories from time to time. Imagine being eye candies in most of the pictures to pass your leisure time!  Celebrating moments of the late twenties are considered as an asset during the late sixties. 

7. To Give shitty replies :

When she is in twenties, she can give shitty replies to the things she hates. Also, people do not judge her because she is young. During twenties , all untoward replies are apologised.

To speak her heart and mind together, she never wants to be in the thirties.  Always remember, a woman loves to speak her mind and never mind, what she speaks! And it’s even better if she could remain always 29!

8. Get married on or before thirty :

When a woman enters into her thirties, her family and relatives start to force her for marriage. If she, crosses thirty, then she will not get the heavenly match for her marriage.

I Am 29 Years Old, But Never 30!

In fact, the wedding of a girl is a family tension among most of the Indian families. If a woman does not get married before 30, then she becomes a burden for the family. The main reason, why she feels comfortable during the twenties. 

As society considers the ages of women as taboo, therefore women always consider themselves below 30. 

9. Queen of mood swings :

Being in twenties , women’s mood swings are considered as her immaturity, but after thirty they are blunders!

Be young , keep yourself young and register yourself to commit mistakes and 100’s of mood swings in a day. 

10. Career over anything:

I Am 29 Years Old, But Never 30!
I Am 29 Years Old, But Never 30!

The twenties are the phase, where women can put more focus on her career. The phase, where she builds up her attitude and personality towards everything. She gets time for herself to utilise her career opportunities the most.

Hence, she never let go her twenties to thirties. Also, if you have bad eyes on her age, please relocate the positions. She has dreams, she wants to pursue her career too. 

And till 30, she determines what she wants to be in future. After thirty, her every decision gets managed by others, so she is currently 29 years old and forever

Will there be drastic changes in our society for women’s age?

Now, the dilemma on women’s age has never found a solution yet. Women do not like to reveal their real age, may be for those above mentioned reasons or may be she is not interested in your questions any more!

A healthy mentality will never ask for the age of a woman, rather it will be amazed by the qualities she is having. Age is not going to help you with any informative appeal. It’s better you stop asking a woman’s age! Appreciate, her what she has achieved so far. 

I Am 29 Years Old, But Never 30!
I Am 29 Years Old, But Never 30!
  • An appreciation works like a drop of water in a dessert , and who knows because of your worth appreciation she might accomplished her goals .
  • Help people to turn their dreams into reality, encourage if they are trying something new. Never discourage anyone intentionally, the person may lose the rhythm of life. 
  • Never celebrate birthdays with number candles. Celebrate age with grace not with wrinkles. 

Generalized Overview of women’s age :

If you carry positive vibes, everything will be positive. And dear women, you are always beautiful , be it in your twenties or sixties. If someone asks your age, you can reply like, ‘I am 30 years young, I am 50 years young and so on. 

Start doing this once, no one will ask for your real age.  Dear society, please accept her as she wants to live her life. You are not going to become a mathematician or numerologist after knowing her real age. 


Dear women, please stay happy in every phase of your life. The thirties are beautiful too. Find the hidden beauties of the thirties and dance like as you are in sweet sixteen. And remember, age is just a meaningless number! 


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