Kpop Online Store | Where To Buy Kpop Merchandise Online

    Kpop Online Store | Where To Buy Kpop Merchandise Online
    Kpop Online Store | Where To Buy Kpop Merchandise Online

    If you are a die hard Kpop fan and don’t live in South Korea, you have to get your official Kpop merch in one of the many online Kpop store. But where do you start looking for that specific mini album you want to buy or which stores are actually reliable? This post will guide you to find the best Kpop online store or shop!

    Best Kpop Online Shop

    There are so many online Kpop online stores and the best one for you really depends on what you are looking to buy. Listed below are some of the most popular online shops to buy Kpop merchandise (official or unofficial goods). Of course there are many other stores that sell Kpop goods, just make sure you are buying from a trustworthy vendor.

    Kpop Shop

    The Kpopshop is by far one of the most popular online stores for Kpop merchandise. They have a huge selection of products from all kinds of different bands including BTS, Blackpink, EXO, GOT7 and many other bands.

    What’s great about Kpopshop is that they have world wide free shipping and that you can track your order. Their products include the official Kpop lightsticks, shirts, calendars, posters, decoration, cards, key chains and much more.

    Another great thing about this shop is that you’ll often get small extra Korean gifts when ordering from them. So it is always really exciting to unbox and see what you have received from this online Kpop merch store. This is my personal favourite Kpop online store to buy from.

    Lianox (10% Discount)

    The best thing about Lianox (10% discount link) is that they offer free shipping to all countries, doesn’t matter what you order! Lianox has a huge selection of merch available from all the biggest bands. Not only do they sell official merch but also shirts, sweaters, plush, keychains and much more.

    SM Global Shop

    The SM Global Shop is the Kpop online shop that features all the bands which are signed to SM Entertainment including EXO, Super Junior, Red Velvet, BoA and many others. When comparing the prices with the Kpopshop, it seems like they are very similar. Free shipping is available to the US for orders over 100$.

    Products available at SM Global Shop are the official light sticks, posters, cards, fashion, bracelets, puzzles and many other products.


    There are so many Kpop products available on Amazon including clothing, cds, posters, dolls, socks and much more. Not all products are official products (could be knock off) but there is some good stuff available. When buying products from Amazon, make sure to check the reviews and see if the seller is legit.

    Kpop Mart

    Kpopmart is a pretty amazing and popular site to buy Kpop merchandise. Their shipping is pretty fast, the shipping fee will depend on the weight of your parcel and the delivery method which you can pick at checkout.

    Like the other shops, Kpopmart also sells products of BTS, Mamamoo and EXO, but they also sell other ‘Korea’ related products like K-Beauty and K-Drama products.

    At Kpop mart you can also pre-order Kpop albums so you’ll be sure the be one of the first to get your album. This site sells both official and non-official Kpop goods. The selection isn’t as big as other stores, but you might find some specific items that are not available on other online stores. This is the most recommended place to pre-order Kpop albums online.


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