733+ Most Creative & Unique Nail Business Names & Slogans 2022

nail business names

This website is for you if you seek nail business names that are stylish, attractive, and one-of-a-kind.

We have compiled a list of hundreds of adorable and clever names for your nail page names for Instagram, from which you may select one.

Also included is information on how to name your nail business and examples of nail business names from across the world, including the United States, Europe, France, and other countries.

Using a sassy nail names generator to generate the most attractive concepts that haven’t already been taken will also be discussed.

Everything you see on this page is the product of an extensive study into the most popular nail business names currently available and the inclusion of new, previously unheard-of name suggestions to help your nail business stand out in 2020 and beyond.

We’ve also included a collection of clever nail business slogans that you may use in conjunction with your business name to show the distinctiveness of your establishment.

Nail Business Names

Here are some examples of creative and sophisticated manicure shop names to get you started. There are also nail brand names in French and some creative nail business slogans to be found on this page.

Lust NamesGuide NamesTraction BusinessNamcog
Consumer BusinessNailgenicsRenewing NailNailorzo
Liquid BusinessAction NailBusinessadriFinest Names
Livid NamesLift BusinessSphynx NamesCarnations Nail
Able BusinessEmerald BusinessIndicator BusinessLucent Business
Spire BusinessValor NailHera NailDawn Nail
Certain BusinessSugar BusinessDepot BusinessOmega Nail
Fit BusinessFountain NamesPurifying NamesInvigorate Names
Honest NailLuxury NailAddiction NamesGrande Nail
Knockout BusinessRefine NailGoddess NailVictory Business
Nail Business Names
Nail Business Names
Solutions NailAmore NamesAssured NailAntheia Nail
Ocean NamesDelilah NamesNaildoBusinessorzo
Flawless NailStorm NamesArrange NamesChief Names
Advocate BusinessEsteem NailRuby NailRenewing Business
Cleopatra NamesBonita NailAvenge NailEnticing Names
Backbone NamesCohort NamesBusinessopsBusinessquipo
Flair NamesSage BusinessKitten NamesKey Names
Radiate NamesNamoramaPath BusinessBusinesslytical
Grande NamesHarmonious NamesBusinessdeckNailporium
  • Holy Nails!
  • Twinkle Toes Nail Business
  • The Nail Place
  • FX Nail
  • Bridal Nail
  • Blossom Business
  • Dreamboat Business
  • Urge Business
  • More Business
  • Artful Nail
  • Adore Business
  • Spark Names
  • Sugar Nail
  • Post Business
  • Ideal Business
  • Multiple Names
  • Proper Names
  • Cohort Names
  • Venture Nail
  • Intellect Business
  • Astound Business
  • Gateway Business
  • Ocean Nail

Small Nail Business Names Ideas 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most creative names for nail business. Check out the collection of creative nail business slogans I’ve compiled below. Finding a name and tagline that perfectly captures who you are is simpler.

BusinessBlend BusinessRocket NamesStrive Names
BusinessopolisBusiness scopeAchieve BusinessDesire Business
Impact NamesIntrigue BusinessEnterprise BusinessAva Business
BusinessonusBound BusinessImpression NamesConnect Names
Universal BusinessOrigin NailSapphire NamesMonroe Business
Finest BusinessFollow NamesVisibly BusinessAyesha Business
Paramount BusinessLapis BusinessBright NamesBay Names
Fetching NailConversion NailArdent BusinessRestore Business
Lilac NailStrive NailEnviable BusinessReinvent Names
Crest NailHot BusinessFountain BusinessDaring Nail
Small Nail Business Names Ideas
Small Nail Business Names Ideas
Caramel NailMarine NailPerformance BusinessBloom Names
Aesthetics BusinessGlamour BusinessConnect NamesShear Business
Goo NailAcquisition NailLaunch NailAffordable Nail
Bloom BusinessMore NailForward NamesDramatic Nail
Quaint NamesAdmire NailHypnotizing NailWarrior Business
Decision NamesGoo NamesAction NailRank Names
Pamper NailAdvance BusinessLit NailRush Names
Brisk NamesElfin BusinessSolutions NailDaring Names
Errorless NamesOpacity NamesEmpress NamesImpeccable Names
Lure BusinessCoco NamesMomentum BusinessSage Names
  • Komorebi Nails
  • At Lisas
  • Tsundoko Nails
  • Confident Nails
  • Cut Costs 
  • Mojo Names
  • Fit Business
  • Lily Nail
  • Insignia Nail
  • Perspective Nail
  • Lavish Names
  • Eagle Nail
  • Dart Nail
  • Ravish Nail
  • Quaint Business
  • Detect Nail
  • Horizon Names
  • Ayesha Business
  • Suite Nail
  • Artful Business
  • Crafty Nail
  • Velocity Names
  • Pegasus Names
  • Epic Business
  • Tulip Business

Creative Nail Business Name Generator

A creative nail business should have a name that reflects the artistic nature of the business.

Nail art, fashion, and creativity are important to you. Therefore you want your business name to reflect that.

In the following list of names, we’ve tried to incorporate words linked with creativity to convey this emotion.

Glamor NailDynamic NailElegant NailGlobal Names
Intel NamesAdapt NamesSturdy NamesBlossom Nail
Crusade BusinessPicturesque NailImpeccable BusinessFine Nail
Galvanic BusinessSocial NailLead BusinessAnchor Names
Decide NamesRare NailOpulence BusinessImagine Business
Jasmine NailQuaint BusinessAmaze NailNude Names
Boho NailBright BusinessDetermined NamesAphrodite Names
Bomb NailSteep BusinessEmerald BusinessEngaged Nail
Dynamic BusinessKindle NailAffinity NailElevate Nail
Crusade NamesReverence NamesSeek BusinessPurpose Business
Creative Nail Business Name Generator
Creative Nail Business Name Generator
Addiction BusinessQueen NamesDesirable BusinessFoundation Names
Antheia BusinessNip NamesMotion BusinessLifted Names
Remarkable NailEagle NailErrorless BusinessCrowd Nail
Clear NailMotivate NailSolve NamesUnite Names
Basic BusinessExtravagant NamesConsult NamesHarmony Nail
Familiar NailActive NailVisage NailBlue Ocean Names
Illuminate NamesDecision BusinessClinical NailTRUE Business
Unison NamesBonjour NamesSphynx BusinessDelicacy Business
Prismatic NamesPromo NamesVenom NailOpacity Business
Mesh NailHush NamesCookie NamesPhotogenic Business
  • Nail Rituals
  • Creative Nails
  • Brush & Strokes
  • Nail Spectrum
  • Picasso Nails
  • Venus Business
  • Amber Nail
  • Ethereal Names
  • Spellbound Names
  • Purity Names
  • Ally Nail
  • Interactive Names
  • Desirable Business
  • Victory Nail
  • Sheeny Nail
  • Alliance Nail
  • Deliver Business
  • Luxuriant Nail
  • Combine Business
  • Photogenic Business
  • Hunt Business
  • Radiance Business
  • Meta Names
  • Onyx Nail
  • Supreme Names

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Acrylic Nail Names

Makes you more approachable because of your name. It’s an indication that you’re not taking yourself too seriously, attracting those who share your outlook on life. When people hear your business’s name, they get a sense of who you are, even if they’ve never visited your nail business or bar.

Venture NailAbsolute BusinessLuxuriant NailMojo Business
Sharp BusinessStorm NamesProper BusinessCore Nail
Insight NamesRadiance NailImpulse NailCounter Nail
Virtue NailRocket BusinessSpire NamesHoney Business
Ardent NailClinical BusinessVertex NamesConquer Business
Enthralling BusinessAcuity NamesPursuit NailCoverage Business
Universal BusinessPowerhouse BusinessDeluxe NamesExcite Business
Force NailCorp BusinessSegment BusinessEntice Business
Breeze NamesExtravagant NailMeta NamesHaste Names
Azraa NailElegance BusinessAmazement BusinessFly Business
Acrylic Nail Names
Acrylic Nail Names
Nimble BusinessLux NailFemme BusinessDirection Business
Sound NailSterling NailGood NailForum Business
Onyx NailBuxom BusinessFormula NailForward Names
Decision NamesSapphire NamesChief NailTarget Business
Leopard NailLustrous NamesSearch BusinessNaked Business
Forward NamesStrive NamesAid BusinessAction Names
Activator NailWired NamesCelestial NailPrima Nail
Beguiling BusinessDare NailRepair BusinessElegant Business
Champion NailInform NailArrowhead BusinessLink Names
Fit NamesResort NamesQueen BusinessSegment Business
  • Nailed it!
  • Nail Brain
  • Tip Toe Nails
  • Sweet Feet Pedicures
  • Nail addict
  • Connect Nail
  • Hera Business
  • Primed Business
  • Daisy Names
  • Deep Nail
  • Thrive Nail
  • System Business
  • Boost Nail
  • Depend Names
  • Familiar Business
  • Deific Business
  • Lux Nail
  • Perfect Names
  • Affluence Nail
  • Shear Nail
  • Complete Nail
  • Evergreen Nail
  • Qualified Business
  • Diana Names
  • Network Nail

Cool Nail Business Names

A distinctive name doesn’t have to include a tongue-in-cheek nail business name. Other catchy names for nail businesses can accomplish the same thing. Make your name more memorable by using rhymes or words that fit together effectively.

Below you’ll find some creative ideas for memorable business names like this.

Bomb BusinessDusk NamesConsulting NamesWinsome Names
Excel NailRocket NailIntrigue NamesHorizon Names
Accentuate NailTraffic NailViolet BusinessMasses Nail
Liquid NailLambent NailBot BusinessEncore Business
Clear NailPlush NailCelestial NamesForce Names
Access BusinessSimple NamesBeguile NamesBanish Nail
Unite BusinessGarnet NamesOptimum NamesCheck Business
Qualified NamesSpeedy BusinessCaptivating NamesCorporation Business
Vanity NamesSustained NamesAll-Out NamesAgitator Nail
Panda BusinessStorm NailExtravagance NamesVenust Names
Cool Nail Business Names
Cool Nail Business Names
Diva NailAutumn BusinessBlue Ocean NailTrust Nail
Delilah BusinessLux NailAlliance BusinessCaptivate Nail
Errorless NailFound NailReflex NamesPrime Nail
Visage BusinessYoke NailEdge NailExpress Nail
Virtuoso NamesAva NailBeguile BusinessCool Nail
Opulent BusinessVelocity BusinessMultiply NamesRadiant Business
Cornerstone NailDrive NamesFly BusinessGrow Nail
Flash NailPrincipal BusinessForce BusinessPanther Business
Fix BusinessPacific BusinessDeveloped NamesDeep Business
Suite BusinessSummit NamesShear BusinessSignal Nail
  • Nail Knowledge
  • Clipsplicity
  • Martinis and Manicures
  • Paintbox
  • Shiny Shots
  • Spread Business
  • Fascinate Names
  • Radiant Names
  • Prima Business
  • Contour Names
  • Solutions Nail
  • Tested Names
  • Rush Names
  • Mind Business
  • Beach Business
  • Amore Business
  • Ardent Business
  • Magnificence Business
  • Hunt Nail
  • Primer Nail
  • Agile Nail
  • Drip Names
  • Free Names
  • Premier Business
  • Luxuriant Names

Nail Salon Name Ideas

Even more crucial than using elegant and refined phrases is that they reflect your or your business’s values. We’ve previously discussed a few names for sophisticated nail businesses suitable for various nail businesses with unusual names.

We’ll take a look at a few more instances of exquisite and stylish terms used in the name of a premium manicure shop.

Marvel BusinessBounce NamesBay BusinessOrchid Names
Rate BusinessAgeless BusinessAugust NamesRomance Nail
Sheer NamesTouch NamesPlan NailDare Business
Promo NamesInsight NailRely NailAgeless Names
Impact NamesDecide NailAlly NamesAnchor Names
Analytics BusinessPigment NamesCandescent BusinessStride Business
Lilac NamesIntelligence BusinessPraise NamesChase Names
Motivate NamesHarmonious BusinessCycle NailFlamingo Names
Velocity NailMetrics BusinessSyndicate NamesEngine Business
Prestige NamesFascination NamesKnow BusinessBeryl Business
Nail Salon Name Ideas
Nail Salon Name Ideas
Solved NailPrincess NailAdvantage NailSuper Nail
Post BusinessCrusade NailContact NamesProof Names
Guider NailKing BusinessAdvocate NailDepot Names
Grid BusinessKnockout NamesEntice NamesUnite Names
Remarkable NamesDetect NailClimax NailUpgrade Business
Universal NailWise NailNative NamesSolutions Names
Chic NailBite NailAspire NailUrge Nail
Lavish BusinessClio NailLambent BusinessSplit Names
Estate BusinessGentle NailAddiction NamesAspire Nail
Jaguar NailWinter BusinessPanda BusinessHera Nail
  • Nail Sensation
  • Elegant Nails
  • Royal Nail
  • Pure Nails
  • Vivid Nails
  • Propel Nail
  • Corporation Business
  • Venom Nail
  • Ideal Names
  • Grand Nail
  • Tag Names
  • Exemplary Names
  • Integral Names
  • Captivate Nail
  • Coco Nail
  • Altitude Names
  • Nexus Nail
  • Strategy Business
  • Avenge Business
  • Passional Business
  • Elan Nail
  • Achieve Business
  • Vernal Business
  • Taking Nail
  • Impact Nail

Cute Nail Business Names

You may not have been a fan of the names of the nail business.

You’re also trying to come up with some nicer monikers for yourself. We’ve compiled a list of the most adorable nail business names.

Compelling BusinessSheer BusinessImagine BusinessBrilliance Business
Porcelain NailLivid BusinessSpire BusinessVirtue Names
Recover NamesBrightness NamesCaramel BusinessCapital Nail
Hot NailReign NailAtlantis NamesRitual Names
Paramount BusinessStrategic NailIntrigue BusinessAttract Names
Primed BusinessDeluxe NamesBelle NailFeminine Names
Encore BusinessTitan NamesHarmony BusinessMatrix Nail
Remarkable NamesAccess NailLuxuriant BusinessImage Business
Astonish NailReinvent NailPacific BusinessDart Business
Hummingbird NamesAsset NailSynergy BusinessBrisk Names
Cute Nail Business Names
Cute Nail Business Names
Clever NamesAbsolute NailProof NamesDecide Nail
Path NailFoster NamesAugust NailElevate Names
Combine BusinessMadam NailAlly NailRenew Nail
Cleo BusinessCertain BusinessSimple BusinessCelestial Names
Method BusinessOnyx NailSurge NamesSolutions Nail
Lift NamesInfatuate NailKnow NamesKissable Nail
Tempting NailValiant NamesDaisy NailPivot Nail
Traction NailBeing NailMagnetic NailUnison Business
Sapphire NamesDaring NailEnticing NamesMind Names
Phoenix NamesAction NailLuxe NailAdvance Names
  • Lollipop Nail
  • Pink Polish
  • The Nail Nurse
  • Happy Nails
  • Sparkle Nails
  • Optimum Business
  • Dart Business
  • Addiction Business
  • Headway Nail
  • Accent Nail
  • Honest Names
  • Know Names
  • Virtue Nail
  • Bare Nail
  • Violet Business
  • Cookie Names
  • Zip Names
  • Cohort Names
  • Hottie Names
  • Leader Business
  • Solved Nail
  • Click Business
  • Enchantress Names
  • Method Names
  • Total Names

Nail Page Names For Instagram

Let’s take a look at a generous list of nail page names for Instagram and establish which style they will be perfect for:

Dreamboat NailProgress NailPrincess NamesGoddess Nail
Electrify NailAlly NamesAttract BusinessMagenta Nail
Growth NailGrid NailStudied NamesHottie Business
Cookie BusinessElegant NamesCommand NailBrilliance Names
Brightness NamesAva NamesProgress NamesEmbrace Nail
Defy BusinessPerspective NamesMagnetic BusinessImpulse Business
Leopard BusinessIntensity NailGalvanic NailGenuine Nail
Climax NamesAprt NamesMatte NamesDiana Nail
Dramatic NamesErotic NailDelicacy NailBoosts Business
Blink NamesConsumer NailAnchor NamesSearch Names
Nail Page Names For Instagram
Nail Page Names For Instagram
Acute NamesActivator NamesEpic BusinessRiveting Business
August NamesAmaze NailAcquire BusinessMeasured Names
Tag NailHarmonious NamesRenew NailExtravagance Nail
Accentuate NailUnleash BusinessAdept NailBridal Names
Quest NamesStreamlined NailRely BusinessMajestic Business
Sterling NamesPremier NailBrillant NamesClick Names
Arrow BusinessCookie NailLily BusinessFeminine Business
Luxe NamesMajor NailLeverage BusinessVelocity Business
Colorist NailDiana NamesRelief NamesBone Business
Ego BusinessMeasured NailComplete NailPulse Names
  • The nail Palace
  • Lishify Nail spa
  • Poss Nail spa
  • Stylo never
  • Vivid hue Nail spa
  • Pursue Nail
  • Indicator Nail
  • TInted Names
  • Proof Names
  • Social Names
  • Emerald Nail
  • Lead Names
  • Universal Nail
  • Proof Nail
  • Express Names
  • Fix Business
  • Pursue Nail
  • Turbo Nail
  • Crowd Nail
  • Addiction Nail
  • Mind Nail
  • Ravish Nail
  • Turn-Key Names
  • Matte Business
  • A1 Names


1. What Is A Good Name For A Nail Business?

Everyone these days is either getting their nails done or learning how to do their nails. An acrylic or a gel in a coffin-shaped or square-shaped form.

Some good nail business names with your name are:-

  • Polish Me Pretty
  • Posh Nails
  • Twinkle Toes Nail Business
  • The Golden File
  • Cute-icles

2. How Do I Name My Nail Business?

Avoid the most common blunders when naming your company. To guarantee that the name you choose will succeed, this guide is straightforward to follow and includes all the necessary stages.

3. How Do I Brand My Nail Business?

Build and manage your brand by following these steps.

  • Measure Your Talents in the First Step
  • Creating a Branding Tool Kit is the second step.
  • Communicating your brand is the third step in the process.
  • Maintaining your brand is the fourth step.


We’ve done our best to provide you with some ideas for nail shop names in the preceding post. Pick a name for your new nail company from the suggestions provided above.

Make sure your company name is catchy enough to entice more and more women who need their nails done to come to you.

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