699+ Creative Jewellery Business Names Ideas

Names For Jewellery Collections
Names For Jewellery Collections

Coming up with one business idea is a tough thing to do, and if it is a jewellery business, then you need a lot of creativity. After all, is planned and set, you are left with a single task, which is naming your jewellery business. The names for jewellery collections require a lot of creativity and if you have reached your wit’s end Names For Jewelry Collections. 

Creative Names For Jewellery Business

Jewellery is about designing an ornament that women, as well as men, would love. As we have already said, it requires a lot of creative Names For Jewelry Collections.

Names For Jewelry Collections
Names For Jewelry Collections

But you need to be as creative with the name as well. Because it is the name of your jewellery collection that will attract the customer in the first go. So, here are some of the best name suggestions for you: 

The Golden SmithGolden PhoenixJewellers UsNames Machine
Tinkers & Co.Jewel BarterGolden Beauty JewellersJewellery Novel
Johnson JewellersRay JewelsBejewelledBusiness Beats
Gems and StarsSteller Diamond CraftsMao Mao GoldJewellery Verse
Fantasy WorldBrilliant EarthVolcano Gold CraftsFor Mode
Stones for LoversReflectionsClassic BaggyFor Chamber
Gold is OldArtworksFresh TangerineCreative Share
Grand StrandsThe Golden StandardsSilviaJewellery Raid
Artworks of GoldThe Golden CompassRings Till We DieJewellery Stance
Overhand CollectiveBeautiful Golden ArtworkAmazingly BeautifulJewelleryque
Starry Creations!Goldsmiths LimitedMost Trusted GoldsmithForry
Creative ShareBusinessFranceBusinessporium
Jewellery RaidFor StormJewellery MovementFor Move
Jewellery StanceFor LiftEmporiumFor Broadcast
JewelleryqueCreativesNames RawNames Vibe
ForryJewellerygenicsCreative SharpFor Strum
BusinessporiumCreativezillaBusiness LargoFor Major
For MoveCreative ChiefNames AxeBusiness Discover
For BroadcastBusiness RaidJewellery StreamNames Editor
Names VibeNames LegionNameBusiness Poly
For StrumJewellery SurgeFor MeasureBusiness
For MajorBusiness ProjectBusiness StepFor Storm
Business DiscoverFor PlayNames DanceFor Lift
Names EditorBusiness VoxCreative DanceCreatives
Business PolyFor TimeCreativequipoJewellerygenics

Handmade Jewellery Business Name Ideas

Handmade jewellery is very popular these days. This type of jewellery collection is trendy, fashionable and gives a statement styling vibe, for which women love handmade jewellery. The names of these handmade styling accessories should be iconic as well. 

Names For Jewelry Collections
Names For Jewelry Collections

You see, your brand will only claim to the customers if it has a catchy and unique-sounding name. Making a jewellery collection and launching it might be a hectic job because you have to think about all the planning and all, but giving it a proper name is even more important. 

Think of ”Swarovski”; the name sounds iconic, and hence, it cliched with people. If you are launching handmade jewellery, then here are some name idea suggestions: 

Handwork JewelleryThe Craftsmen Brothers.The Jewellery BizGrave Business
DazzlersHandiworksGold CreatorsSessions Ideas
Glamorous JewellersPieces of BlingThe Village Co.Machine Jewellery
SerenityOuter Space GemsJewellery MagicHorde Handmade
Pieces of MeSunshine Jewellery StoreInspired JewelsMode Jewellery
Born PrettyJunk JewelsIced Gold Jewellery StoreUnion Ideas
Nocturne HandmadeMode HandmadeUnion IdeasIdeas deck
Vibration JewelleryBusinessweekIdeas deckSupreme Business
Mixed NameScale BusinessSupreme BusinessBroadcast Business
Siren BusinessRaw HandmadeBroadcast BusinessHandmade
BusinessgenixVibe JewelleryHandmadeMode Handmade
Strum IdeasNocturne HandmadeMode HandmadeBusinessweek
Flight BusinessVibration JewelleryBusinessweekScale Business
Mastered NameMixed NameScale BusinessRaw Handmade
Champion JewellerySiren BusinessRaw HandmadeVibe Jewellery
Grave BusinessBusinessgenixVibe JewelleryPush Business
Sessions IdeasStrum IdeasNocturne HandmadeVerse Handmade
Machine JewelleryFlight BusinessVibration JewelleryPush Handmade
Horde HandmadeMastered NameMixed NameModus Handmade
Mode JewelleryChampion JewellerySiren BusinessMusic Handmade
Union IdeasGrave BusinessBusinessgenixNamevio
Ideas deckSessions IdeasStrum IdeasTone Ideas
Supreme BusinessMachine JewelleryFlight BusinessTone Name
Broadcast BusinessHorde HandmadeMastered NameEnjoy Business
HandmadeMode JewelleryChampion JewelleryBusiness scope

Quirky Names For Jewellery Business

The name of a jewellery business not only needs to be creative and unique but also quirky these days. But do you have any idea why we are suggesting that you make the name quirky? 

Names For Jewelry Collections
Names For Jewelry Collections

Well, the competition these days is so much that a quirky name for a jewellery collection will get lodged in the mind of a person quite easily. 

Here are some of the best quirky names for jewellery collection: 

Jewelzdazzling!Obviously, Yours!Trigger Quirky
Your Jewel BoxThe Silver CasketThe Golden CasketQuirkyiva
Just JewellersPretty MePlush PlushDance Quirky
FiorinaFrankly PrettyA gift in a BoxVamp Quirky
The Charming JewelsDeluxe JewelsJewel ThiefRise Business
Trill QuirkyBusinessoontLoop QuirkyRoll Jewellery
BusinesszoidJewelleryvioJewelleryaraLoop Names
Poly NamesDistortion BusinessFortifyHonour For
NumismaticFeed BusinessCause BusinessBusinessoont
BusinessellaMajor BusinessDiscover JewelleryJewelleryvio
Business jetBridge QuirkyCloud BusinessDistortion Business
Disclosure ForBlackout ForPop ForFeed Business
Time NamesClef NamesDare NamesRave Jewellery
Shotgun BusinessCapital JewelleryTrill QuirkyBravo Quirky
Modus QuirkyMagneticBusinesszoidJewellerynetic
Light JewellerySpark QuirkyPoly NamesRate Business
Mix BusinessSupreme QuirkyNumismaticJewelleryscape
Trigger QuirkyTheory BusinessBusinessellaQuirkyjet
QuirkyivaBoom JewelleryBusiness jetPlay Quirky
Dance QuirkyFloridaDisclosure ForName
Vamp QuirkyJewellerylyticalTime NamesRhythm Business
Rise BusinessDime ForShotgun BusinessWisdom For
Roll JewelleryScale BusinessModus QuirkyTimbre For
Loop NamesElixir QuirkyLight JewelleryPoint Jewellery
Honour ForArrowhead NamesMix BusinessRuckus Names

Catchy Jewellery Business Names

Ornaments define the aura and the personality of a woman. Many women often flaunt the brand of jewellery in front of their friends, which of course, acts as a good recommendation.

Names For Jewelry Collections
Names For Jewelry Collections

In such cases, it is important that the name of your jewellery business is catchy so that women remember the name of the brand on the first go. 

If you are up for a great start and are just stuck on what to name your jewellery collection or jewellery brand, take a look at these name suggestions: 

Glistening DiamondsShine onDiamonds GaloreVerse Names
Ornaments!Gems for HimGems for HerSessions Catchy
Crystals SpotsThe AccessoriesTrinket CartVibration Catchy
Eyes BlingsSo FineBracelets and BroochesCatchyadri
Master BusinessPop JewelleryBusinessbiaCatchylaza
Change NamesJewelleryableDigi CatchyGhost Catchy
Tide NamesNameJewellerypadPop Jewellery
Major BusinessRadiant CatchyStream CatchyJewelleryable
Sound NamesBravo JewelleryStance JewelleryBusiness
Feed CatchyPoly CatchyCatchylyticalTenor Names
Limitless NamesSupreme JewelleryMaster BusinessChief Catchy
Change CatchyJewelleryquipoChange NamesJewelleryocity
CatchyporiumMeasure NamesTide NamesWavey Business
JewelleryverseArrowhead BusinessMajor BusinessRaw Catchy
CatchyVibe JewellerySound NamesBusinessistic
BusinessClef CatchyFeed CatchyBroadcast Catchy
Sharp CatchyPush JewelleryLimitless NamesElixir Catchy
NamcoSupreme CatchyChange CatchyTrill Jewellery
Pitch NamesDime BusinessCatchyporiumWave Business
Verse NamesSessions BusinessJewelleryverseJewellerylaza
Sessions CatchyHorde CatchyCatchyNamoryx
Vibration CatchyPhantom NamesBusinessNamco
CatchyadriNamzoidSharp CatchyCrash Names
CatchylazaAware CatchyNamcoJewelleryopolis
Ghost CatchyBusinessworksPitch NamesNamopedia

Jewellery Line Name

Naming a jewellery brand is a one-time thing. But when you expand your business and you have to come out with several jewellery lines. In these situations, you will have to come up with multiple names from time to time to mark the speciality and uniqueness of each collection of jewellery. 

Creative Jewellery Business Names
Creative Jewellery Business Names

You will also have to be mindful that the name represents the kind of jewellery you are selling. Apart from that, you will also have to make the Jewellery line name interesting, catchy, and attractive to potential buyers. 

DemocracyStuds and DanglesFastowElevate Name
SpriteThe Perfect U!DiamondJewelleryable
The CaratsGirl’s AdoreTina Luxurious & Co.Play Line
Class Apart GemsKinesiologySunblindsJewellerynest
Vamp LineLineoutJewelleryzillaTime Jewellery
Elevate JewelleryDare JewelleryManoramaLineout
Nocturne JewelleryLonelyWave NameJewelleryiva
Sound NameCrowd NameBold LineName works
Fusion LineBlank LineVamp LineCloud Line
Spark LineChampion NameJewelleryarcWise Name
Raw LineJewellerybiaElevate JewelleryMelody Line
NameaholicDivide LineNocturne JewelleryFlight Line
Strum NameLineaSound NameSpark Jewellery
Point NameMovement LineFusion LineBallad Line
Push NameMixed NameSpark LineJewellerycog
Inside NameAccord LineRaw LineChange Jewellery
NameMass JewelleryNameaholicVerse Name
Dance JewelleryVex JewelleryStrum NameLinewind
LineocityTimbre JewelleryPoint NameLinelada
Elevate NameJewelleryprismPush NameName
JewelleryableClick LineInside NamePoly Name
Play LineLinedeckNameSonic Jewellery
JewellerynestBeats NameDance JewelleryJewelleryzoid
Time JewellerySplit NameLineocityFoster Name

Jewellery Business Names With Sparkle

If you want to create something out of the box, something extraordinary, and something that will catch the attention of women in a sure-fire way, then you got to add some bling to it. Jewellery with sparkle is a huge hit with women these days. 

Names For Jewelry Collections
Names For Jewelry Collections

They simply adore the fact how it brings out their colourful personalities. Besides, it also makes a perfect accessory for night parties and a night out with friends. 

A good list of suggestions of names for jewellery with sparkle is given below. Check them out: 

Bling onSparkle O MeThe Blinder GemsSiren With
Handmade GlitzElite BeadsShinesSparklegenics
Dazzling DiamondsDamsels LoveOh, Sparkle!Project With
Peach Me GoldGlisten CartSparkless & SmilesVibration Jewellery
Theory WithPush BusinessHow BusinessDistortion With
Hook JewelleryMajor JewelleryTap JewelleryDare With
Cloud JewelleryMaster NamesMade NamesVex Names
SparklenestStarter WithDistortion SparkleJewelleryooze
Split BusinessGrave NamesBusinessweekBusiness
BusinessadoraScale BusinessBusinessaholicCymbal Sparkle
Loud BusinessHeart NamesArrowhead BusinessFantastic
How NamesJewelleryopolisShout NamesLegion Names
Move JewelleryGenius SparkleChange WithDare Names
Wisdom SparkleTime NamesJewelleryocityMusic Names
Timbre SparkleStep SparkleRoll SparkleJewellerynest
Radiant WithChange NamesWithadriCanon Sparkle
BusinesscogFeed WithWith verseLoud With
Move NamesGhost WithTheory JewelleryLight Sparkle
Sessions WithStream WithSiren SparkleChamber Sparkle
Sharp WithGroove BusinessStream NamesNamopedia
Flight NamesBroadcast SparkleWise SparkleRate Jewellery
Legion WithSparklezillaNamenRamjet
Change SparkleUnion WithDream JewelleryRock With
SparklesElevate WithInside WithDiscover With
Bravo JewelleryStorm NamesJewelleryopediaInspire Business

Jewellery Store Name

A good catchy name for your jewellery store can be confusing to find. It is not because you lack an idea, but because you will often see that the name you are thinking is taken by someone else already. 

Creative Jewellery Business
Creative Jewellery Business

To stay in business, you cannot possibly name your store after another store. Hence, to find a unique name, you might need a few suggestions. And if you want a few suggestions, then we have your back. Look at these suggestions for the catchiest names of jewellery stores:

Silver, Gold, Diamonds & PearlsThe PearlineTrinkets and CharmsDare Jewellery
Made For You!Handmade GoldPretty in JewelsPoint Store
Tribal & Co.With Love…!Dazzled by DiamondsTimbre Jewellery
Wise StoreStance JewelleryTriad JewelleryJewellery is
Records JewelleryBold JewelleryWisdom NamePitch Store
StormwindBoom NameTrust StoreBridge Jewellery
Lift JewelleryProject StoreStorefrontDisclosure Jewellery
Songbird NameReckless NameRocky JewelleryRave Store
Dime JewelleryIgnite NameStep JewelleryDivide Store
Radius StoreBass NameBlues NameJewelleryomatic
Inspire NameTempo StormStoryDigi Jewellery
Arrowhead NameAssembly NameNamenestSage Jewellery
Vibe StoreSynth NameMade NameStorescape
ShareaholicNameorzoMix NamePlug Store
Echo StoreCanon StoreJewelleryoryxHow Store
JewelleryadoTempo JewelleryJewelleryoramaGenius Name
Lime JewelleryVerse StoreRise NameBold Name
Loop JewelleryStorm JewelleryFlight JewelleryApex Name
Roll StoreNote StoreRocky NameJewellerybea
Hook StoreVibe JewelleryTimbre NameSurge Name
JewelleryorzoFantasticFoster StoreTrident Store
Limitless NameSurge JewelleryBroadcast StoreTime Name
Voice StoreSpark NameEcho NamePickup Store
Bass JewelleryRise StoreSupreme StoreJewellerycog
Champion StoreCapital NameLight StoreMeasure Name


What are the top jewellery brands in the world? 

The best 10 jewellery brands in the world are:  

  1. Bvlgari
  2. Cartier
  3. Harry Winston
  4. Van Cleef & Arpels
  5. Mikimoto
  6. Chopard
  7. Hermes
  8. David Yurman
  9. Graff
  10. Tiffany & Co. 

Rules for Naming your Jewellery Business

You can name your jewellery business anything you like. But keeping in mind a few factors before you chose the name will be beneficial for you. 

Here are some of the things that you might consider keeping in mind before considering names for jewellery collections. 

  • Pick a name that does not have any hard word
  • Read and research well about jewellery business names before choosing one
  • Try making the name catchy, unique, and memorable
  • Check for conflict of a trademark.
  • If you want to go online, pick a good domain

How do come up with names for jewellery collections? 

If you want to come up with one of the best jewellery collection names, then follow the steps: 

  • Be relevant and specific to the style of jewellery you are designing
  • Look up what the competitors are doing and learn from them
  • Try sticking to a simple yet attractive name that would be memorable to the customers

Go online and create an online store. This will make your reach international

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