Post Wedding Photoshoot

Pre Wedding Mania

We all are familiar with the new trend, ‘Pre-wedding Photoshoot’! It seems like the couples before marriage is experiencing the breathtaking sceneries that are shown in only movies! And single people like us mourn for not having a relationship for a couple of shoots.  These days pre-wedding photoshoots are mandatory. 

Get Familiar With Post Wedding Photoshoot :

Okay, we have learned about the pre-wedding photoshoots, now do you have any idea about the Post wedding photoshoot? Before marriage and after marriage are two different things. Before marriage, it feels like you are in heaven, after marriage it feels like you are in hell!

You know what, if you want to let people know how happy you are before marriage through pictures then, you must also show them about, how you are graceful after marriage.  A marriage is a blessing, and the wedding ceremony thanksgiving occasion! 

Pre and Post Dilemma :

Post Wedding Photoshoot
Post Wedding Photoshoot

I don’t know why people are so excited about the pre celebrations of everything! One should also keep the enthusiasm for post celebrations of everything. 

Now, let’s go through some post-marriage incidents, what could have happened if you are supposed to get ready for a post-wedding photoshoot!

When you are in a relationship and on the verge of getting married, you urge for a pre-wedding photoshoot to disclose the world about your relationship and the person you are dating with. Your photographs help people to fall in love again and again. Because you both do all the possible things to make your pre-wedding shoot a memorable one.

1. Not ready to do everything :

When you think of having a post-wedding photoshoot just to let others know, in which happy status now you are standing, but you fail to let people know because you are not ready to do everything that you had done earlier. 

Post Wedding Photoshoot

For instance, during the pre-wedding photo shoot, you do whatever the photographer says! Like, if the task is to jump from a 7ft wall, you do that. But during the post-wedding photoshoot, you become lethargic to do anything under the sun, and then your partner starts saying you, before marriage, you did that, now what has happened to you! You don’t love me at all

So, if you are not ready to  abide by the suggestions of the photographers then don’t go for a post wedding photo shoot

You also know, women only listen to three people only : 

Number one : The photographers !

Number two : The beauty experts !

Number three : And the woman herself !

2. Lack of shyness :

You know what! when you feel shy, you blush! Blushing makes a picture beautiful. Blushing is a natural consequence, that is why you are happened to be with the naturals shots! During the pre-wedding photoshoot, you feel shy and nervous to pose in front of the camera, as you do not hold much experience! But your shyness and nervousness are the treats to the eyes in those pictures.

Post Wedding Photoshoot
Post Wedding Photoshoot

After marriage, you get to know each other formally, also casually as well.  So there is no pinch of shyness in the photos, so the pictures do not come out perfect! 

Dear weekend warriors, if you wish to have some post-wedding perfect pictures please give all the natural expressions, as you have given through the pre-wedding photoshoot. 

3. Weird sarcastic poses :

I sure hope, all people around the world have great pre-wedding pictures. But imagine the post-wedding picture with a flying mug in your face from your wife’s end! Literally, you must be surprised the way she is going to surprise you with the wooden rolling pin! Beware, guys!

Better remain safe then, to be sorry later. 

Avoid post wedding photo shoot merger !

4. No one is going to compromise with whatever pose:

Post Wedding Photoshoot

The funny rule of life, before marriage, the man compromises a lot but after marriage, the woman compromises a lot. So, during pre-wedding photoshoots, the women force the men to give all the possible funny expressions and the man also accepts it, but after marriage, the husband refuses many requests of his wife. And, the wife becomes angry and photoshoot gets spoiled. 

5. You realize, life is practical :

Before marriage, the way we plan for our couple photoshoots is constituted with lots of dreams and aspirations. But, after marriage, it is just for the sake of having a few good photographs to hang in the beautiful walls of our home.

You pose in front of the camera, as you are. You don’t urge for heavy makeup to look beautiful in the pictures. You get matured with life, and want the pictures as practical as you are!

Okay, those are some whimsical yet humorous reasons, you may face in a post-wedding photoshoot. Sometimes the post-wedding photoshoot may help you to maintain the stronger bond, between you two. Let’s check out the reasons!

Post Wedding Photoshoot
Post Wedding Photoshoot
  • If suddenly you lose the romance in your married life, then you can go for a photo shoot, which may reflect you the incidents and happenings that you had gone through the pre-wedding photoshoots. And after that, you might be able to catch the cupids of your love again.
  • If you are a photoholic person, then try to have photoshoots on each wedding anniversary after marriage. It helps you, to find the old you and The World keep rotating opposite clockwise. 
  • To realize, how time flies pretty fast you can have post-wedding photoshoots. Along with the time, you can add your babies in the pictures too, for a picture-perfect frame. 
  • Pictures are memory, so click often when you get the chance. One day, we will leave this World, but the photographs will stay with our memory, and someone will miss us forever!
  • Too often, we couple do not realize the importance of us being in a relationship, but the photos give us a way of life to live it in a better way. 

Photo lovers Ending: Your photos are your asset. Be it pre-wedding or post-wedding, it really helps you to overcome the sorrow, because we capture more happy moments than the sad moments of our life. 

Being a human, it is very natural that we love to see only good things about ourselves. Photos are a realistic example for that. No matter, when we celebrate we click pictures, it is a secondary matter whether we upload the pictures on social media platforms or not. 

Don’t just click to show off :

Don’t just click a picture to show people, how happy you are living your life. Rather click pictures to make yourself happy. Then you will see no difference between pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots. Take your life, as it comes to you and enjoys every beat with your soul. 

Post Wedding Photoshoot
Post Wedding Photoshoot

Do not live your life with an idea to impress others with your photos, rather be happy from the innermost corner of your heart. 


I would love to suggest, go for both the pre-wedding and post-wedding photo shoots with your darlings! See, every experience does not get counted in your resume, but practically you are required all the experiences to explore your life in a better way. 

Live life , with less regrets

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