“Show Muscles” or “Go Muscles”?

“Show Muscles” or “Go Muscles”?
“Show Muscles” or “Go Muscles”?

What am I talking about here? what’s a ‘show muscle’ anyway? Think body builder or to a lesser degree fitness model. once they are asking for a photograph or flexing for the gang what muscles does one see? the solution is biceps, pecks, abs and perhaps even quads.

Show Muscle

So, what does that leave for ‘go muscles?’ If you can’t see it within the mirror it’s probably a ‘go muscle.’ Start together with your lats and tris, then glutes and hammies. Why are these considered ‘go’ and not ‘show?’

Think about how we move. We walk every day. Running and throwing are essential in most sports. The muscles related to running (and walking) are your hamstrings. and the way about throwing? Move your arm during a throwing motion…the muscles wont to move your lower arm forward are the triceps. These muscles aren’t easily seen and are hard to point out off. Tell me the last time you verified someone’s hamstrings? Go Muscle

I wanted to ascertain out the planet Wide Web to see what others were saying about ‘Go Muscles v. Show Muscles.’

A post on StrenghtPerformance.com describes why the hamstrings are important. Not only does Shelton Stevens means that stronger hamstrings can cause greater speed and explosiveness but that an imbalance between the quads and hammies can cause ACL injuries. Quads usually get more attention within the gym leaving the hamstrings weaker resulting in a reliance on the ACL for stability (which the hamstring could provide given muscle balance with the quad).

Go muscles are important, right? But does that mean pack up the show muscles? in fact not. during this article within the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Chris Huth argues that working the go muscles often benefits the show muscles too. He advocates exercises like squats, dead lifts, pull-ups and presses that employment multiple muscle groups together in one movement.

When discussing the quantity of weight to use for these exercises he makes an awesome suggestion. Your first weight goal should be your weight . Now the suggestion isn’t to start out by loading 200# on the squat bar and trying to bust out a group of 8. But working up thereto weight (if you weight 200# that is) may be a reasonable goal.

Last at EGH Illinois (dot) org Functional Strength Training is that the topic. the thought is functioning muscles together in compound exercises rather than working them individually in isolated movements. Using movements that mimic actual tasks to coach can build functional strength.

What did we ultimately learn today? I learned that your hamstrings are far more important than I previously believed. Strong hammies can increase your speed and help with the prevention of ACL injuries. ‘Go muscles’ and ‘show muscles’ got to work together and be balanced. Movements using multiple muscles have a greater effect than isometric exercises.

This leads me to create my routines around these movements:

Bench Press – utilizing chest, tricep, shoulder and core (abs) muscles

Squat – utilizing quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and core (abs) muscles

Dead Lift – most muscles within the back (mainly lower back), hamstrings, quads, glutes, core and forearms

Pull Ups – Lats, shoulders, pecs and triceps

Hockey Update

Regular season play wraps up this Sunday and Tuesday. With a win on Sunday, the Cluster Pucks will limp into the playoffs within the eighth and final playoff spot. The Geri-Hattricks have turned things around after a 0 and three start to travel 5 – 2 – 1 over the last eight games and firmly holds a playoff spot.

Both teams have had a rough go of it this season, suffering through injuries, attendance issues, and lack of scoring. the great thing about playoff season is that regular-season records not count (once you create the playoffs that are).

One Last Thing…

Who had Mercer beating Duke? Or better yet Dayton winning 3 games and being within the elite eight. Isn’t March Madness great? Speaking of March Madness, college hockey’s version goes on immediately too with the Frozen Four. Frozen Four 2014

Not to mention the NHL ‘March to the Playoffs’. And who can forget that MLB’s opening day is Monday for many teams. it’s an excellent month to be a sports spectator.


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