What Are The Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Nausea during pregnancy

Every woman who is eagerly waiting for a baby is never sure that they are rounded up in that state. most of the time they realize but are confused. Whatever, but they are never sure! Similarly, if you are in a confusion that whether the baby is on the way or not then let me advise you to notice yourself properly.

Pregnancy is the state when the body starts going through so many physical and emotional changes. We have discussed a few symptom in this episode to let you know about the best time period of your life!

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

As early as eight weeks of pregnancy one can feel dizzy because of low blood pressure. Feeling faint at this stage is the common symptom as this happens because of pregnancy hormone progesterone which relaxes the walls of the body blood vessels causing the blood pressure to fall.

Therefore, the heart beats faster to pump more of blood through the body, thus, women experience lightheaded.

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Nausea during pregnancy

A very typical experience nausea is experienced by up to 75% of mothers in this stage which is perceived as an indication of a healthy baby. Nausea starts in the early stage of four to eight weeks of gestation and remains until 14 weeks, but it may happen that nausea starts in the very beginning and also remains longer. While the cause of nausea during pregnancy.

Missing period

missing of periods is the symptom of preganancy

For most of the woman missed period indicates the first sign of pregnancy, but there can be other reasons for this like untimed diet, the length of the yearly cycle, etc. however, this is also one of the indications of you becoming a mother.

Smell Sensitivity

Not all but few women has the highest smelling sensitivity during this time which can also be an early sign of what you are expecting. Pregnancy is such a hormonal time when sensitivity cell loads easily, but it passes once your baby is born.

Swollen and tender breasts

Pregnancy in the early stage can cause tender and sensitive breast which is one of the common systems in most of the woman. The tenderness is the result of the change in shape and preparation of fill out for the baby. This symptom can be noticed in the very initial stage of pregnancy, only after few weeks which is enough to know that the child is on the way.

Missing period
Symptoms of Pregnancy

Darkening areolas

Human body develops at every age and stage, similarly, in times of carrying a baby inside, hormones can cause lots of changes. One of this is darkening of areolas which widens and prepares itself for the breastfeeding at the time when the baby is born

spotting and cramping at times of pregnancy

Spotting is the very light period in the early stage which is the common sign of getting pregnant. However, spotting and cramping sometimes may be due to miscarriage or something more serious thus it should be checked by the doctor, but light spotting is often harmless which may last for a day or two.

Feeling tired and fatigue during-pregnancy

Getting tired than usual at times of pregnancy can be noticed in many women. They feel highly fatigue and exhausted in the first and third trimester which is also the cause of the hormonal change. The body prepares more nutrient for the growing baby and therefore, the blood pressure of the mother tends to fall resulting in decreased energy and tiredness.

rise in body temperature during pregnancy

The pregnancy state undergoes many changes which sometimes might not be noticed by the mother, but one of the common situation that can be noticed in women carrying a baby is the rise in body temperature.

This happens because the body naturally recognizes that it’s time to take care of the two and it increases the activity than the usual which leads to rising in temperature. If you want you can notice the rise in your body temperature by checking it two or more times in a da

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