Why Start A Blog – The Top Reasons

    Why Start A Blog – The Top Reasons
    Why Start A Blog – The Top Reasons

    This post may be a collaboration from Navid Moazzez and Jan Koch. We’re both passionate entrepreneurs and bloggers, we run several blogs and that we want to share benefits of blogging and reasons why to start out a blog.

    Have you ever wondered why there are numerous blogs out there? Is it overhyped, is it an excellent thanks to earn money, or are people blogging only for fun? Does it add up to start out a blog when you’re completely new and don’t know what to say?

    If you’ll end up in those questions, this text is for exactly for you!

    Navid and that I will undergo the explanations why we started our blogs. At the instant, we’re running five blogs in total and we’re totally proud of this decision. Basically, the blogs did nothing less but to vary our lives. And it all started with one question.

    Why start out A Blog?

    The question was as simple as this. Why should we start a blog? Every topic seems to be covered, we didn’t see any chance to form ourselves stand out. But nevertheless we knew that there must be some reason why to start out a blog. Why should those many blogs exist when there’s no reason for this?

    It’s Easy and Cheap

    Nowadays it’s incredibly easy and cheap to start out a blog. So rather than asking Why to start out a blog, we decided to ask Why not?

    It has never been easier to start out a blog and that’s very true if you don’t have any technical knowledge! Navid had no experience with coding, installing WordPress, or web development and now he installs a blog in less than 10 minutes. And you’ll do that too because your WebHost takes all the work from you. Jan hosts his blogs on his own server because he features a background in software development.

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    You can start a blog for free of charge on WordPress.com, Blogger, or TypePad.com. Those platforms are liberal to use and permit you to start out blogging within minutes. Though they limit your freedom in customizing your blog the way you would like it to seem and to function, those are great ways to start out blogging quickly.

    If you would like to host your own blog, Navid and me both recommend BlueHost as a webhost once you haven’t any experience with fixing WordPress. the rationale why to start out a blog on BlueHost is straightforward . they need a one-click installation routine for WordPress, are cheap, and reliable.

    BlueHost is one among the most important webhosting companies within the world and that they are recommended by well-known experts like Pat Flynn. Their customer service is superb and helpful. and particularly their one-click installation routine for WordPress allows you to start your blog during a jiffy with none technical knowledge.

    When you start a blog you’ll need an internet site address, a domain. Though you’ll buy domains on Bluehost, we recommend using Namecheap. It’s good to separate domain and webhost, because once you have problems together with your domain you’ll still access the webhost and the other way around .

    Special Offer:

    Either Navid or Jan will install a WordPress site for you, if you opt to shop for your BlueHost account through our affiliate link for BlueHost and your domain via Namecheap – at no extra cost for you.

    Also you’ll get a replica of the Genesis Framework for WordPress for free of charge . this is often one among the foremost used frameworks for WordPress within the world.

    Share Knowledge

    Starting a blog may be a good way to share your knowledge with the others. Everybody has passions that he or she likes to speak about and thus everybody has knowledge during a certain field. What if you’ll spread your knowledge everywhere the planet and discuss it with others?

    There is no reason why you shouldn’t start start a blog, because it are often very rewarding experience over time to be a blogger. Nobody will hold you back and blame you for sharing expertise! Instead you’ll presumably get feedback from people and begin wonderful conversations with them and make long lasting relationships with like-minded people in your specific niche.

    Though sharing knowledge isn’t the sole reason why to start out a blog. You’re repeating your knowledge while you’re posting it on your blog and thus you’re consolidating your knowledge. Explaining things to others allows humans to deeply understand processes and thus starting a blog will assist you to refine your expertise over and once again.

    What if you don’t have any special knowledge to share in your blog?

    Trust us, you’ve got knowledge. If you ask yourself Why to start out a blog with no special knowledge? you’re underestimating your abilities. you’ll write on a learning process. That’s exactly how Jan started this blog and Navid started his personal blog. We were both new building a business that supports our lifestyle, therefore the only thing we could blog about was our process in learning.

    And now we are making a neighborhood of our money online which part is consistently growing. We’re building networks all round the world and that we won’t stop until our businesses support our lifestyle and permit us to quit our jobs. By blogging about our progress, we’re holding ourselves accountable, because the readers of our blogs want to ascertain progress. That’s why we never lack motivation or procrastinate – well ok, some things we do but that’s human 😉

    When you know that you simply have knowledge during a field that’s important for others, you shouldn’t even ask yourself why to start out a blog, but do it!

    There is one little but powerful rule out the blogosphere: When a blog impacts the lifetime of others, it’ll become successful and earn serious money!


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