You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot

You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot

Why everything is cool: 

I don’t even realize why in most of the situations in this world, people react like, okay it’s cool! It seems like all the attention after a happening is grabbed by the word only ‘Cool’. If you are reacting coolly in all the circumstances, then definitely you are living your life in the wrong way. 

Our instincts never allow us to hurt anyone unnecessarily, but don’t hurt your self proclaimed innermost feelings just to make others happy. Learn to take things as they are, do not produce any extra milligram of burden towards you. 

Your life is important for you too :

Realize as much as early, that your life is a big frame, so to put the beautiful photograph in it, choose the people, who embrace you, who are lucky to have you, who are you’re well-wishers, and of course, keep aside the corners for your enemies too. 

Having a cool personality and handling all your problems with calmness is cool, but when the matters are hard to handle then you must revert it with hot reactions as well. 

There are few things around you, you do not want to reply hot but you have to give cool answers! So let’s go through some situations where you want to scream out loud, but you choose to be cool!

1. When someone hurts you :

You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot
You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot

What if someone hurts you to the core, and you get shattered by their deeds, are you going to act cool in front of them? Like seriously ?! If you are still cool, then maybe you are coming from a different planet. But, for common people like us, we need to pretend to be happy all the time. But, from inside our hearts become more than a dead body!

Now, you say in such situations are going to say okay, its cool? No one! So bear your heart out and say it loud, you have broken my heart it’s not a cool situation, its hot, and I am going to do every second thing to hurt over and again. 

Be natural and act naturally in all the situations of your life. 

2. Loving and hating someone :

Have you ever tried to know the reason behind not freely sharing the confessions of loving and hating someone? See, when you love someone you feel shy to confess about that person. But when you hate someone; you say it directly as ‘I hate that person or I do not like you’.

Why it is so easy to say when you hate someone, but why it is difficult to confess when you love someone. We all know, love is thousand times, better than hatred. Still, confessing while hating someone makes you feel cool, but confessing everything about your love is a hot topic of discussion.

You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot
You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot

People say many things, but you must have the guts to show off the world about your love life too. Presenting your love life is also an act saying its cool. Just because you fear and think of people’s reactions to your relationship, as they would say, hey there is hot news, and someone is in a relationship!  you hide the beautiful things that are happening with you. But for us, it is indeed a cool reaction, isn’t it?

If loving someone is cool, sharing a few words about them is also cool. 

3.  Careers and Peers :

After teenagers, we feel peer pressure because our family and relatives start comparing us with the same age group of people like us. The most relevant component is the comparison of us with others. We feel inferior if something great happens to our peers! But in those situations, our reactions should be always hot, but still, we act cool. 

You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot
You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot

Because, the system has made it possible to deal with everything in a cool manner, but when our reactions should be hot, then also we tend to be cool. But if you are facing such situations and reacting cool, then definitely you are causing an injury with your heart.  

React as your heart reacts inside!

4. Marriage Mania :

After a certain age, if you are not ready to get married and the people of your ages are getting married, your family asks you to get married as soon as possible. Very few families understand the career you want to have.

You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot
You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot

But for some women, it is not possible to make her family understand the career and she gets married to the person according to her family choice at a tender age. Why getting married early is cool? Why this taboo does not receive a hot reaction! 

If this situation becomes a hot topic in the society, then definitely girls will be able to complete their education at least. But, people often say, it is cool to get married soon. 

5.  Luxury of lifestyles :

Lifestyles of human beings vary from person to person. You can not compare your lifestyle with the other person’s way of living. But, people try to copy others’ lifestyles, if someone is having coffee near Eiffel Tower, they want to go there too.

Also, they do not go there to fuel their travelling needs, rather some people go after watching the pictures on social media platform.

You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot
You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot

It is okay if you are going somewhere after seeing the uploads of beautiful pictures over Facebook and Instagram, but sometimes money comes in between the lifestyles you are showing in social media platforms and the lifestyle you are having a real life

To control the things you can not afford, your reactions should be cool on it, but in this case, your feelings get higher and you put hot reactions and later you end up being sad.  

It is okay, if you can quickly have a ticket for the Europe tour, what if you can’t afford it? So, stop comparing your life with others and start reacting coolly in these types of situations. 

Those are 5 above mentioned realistic facts, that need your natural reactions and attentions!

Reacting cool and hot should be natural : 

Be practical and live your life in your own way, respect your basic instincts. Once you express yourself they way you are, you get to know who are your real friends. Most of the times, people want you to react cool whatever they say, but what if they say something which you are not able to digest? Will you react cool?  

You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot
You Say That’s Cool, I Say That’s Hot

Being natural is going to help you to live your life throughout in peace. Don’t end up your life with the thinking, if I would have given high reactions on that matter, now I would be living a good life. 

So, to eliminate the regret phase of your life; please follow your heart and react accordingly. Every person has the right to speak how they feel. 

By giving genuine reactions, you are making your roots stronger. Show people, your life is a worth living one. 

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